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  • Re: Goldengoal rule

    If the other guy celebrates then I don't quit, make them play all game and go sweaty 4222 drop back spam long balls and take the pi ss. If they pause when they score 1st then I just re enter game, if… (View Post)
  • Re: Icon SBC?

    I did Kenny and tbh regret it a bit. Thought the loan card was better than drogbas but after using him this week in wl, he doesn't seem as good. Scored a good few goals but just felt like drogba woul… (View Post)
  • Re: New set of icon sbc???

    If there is to be an icon sbc batch, it'll be tomorrow. They've been released at 6pm on Sunday last few times they have dropped (View Post)
  • Re: Is this true?

    I think it goes to best of totw, like a random totw each week with some of the apparently better choices from over the game. This year though with the euros they'll probably have something with that … (View Post)
  • Re: 86 + double or Community TOTS guarantee?

    Don't bother with the 86 double, absolute waste. Community tots sbc has better options in it, I got mukiele but I reckon he won't even make my bench. I'd say just do the 80+ pick, but out of these 2 … (View Post)

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