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  • Re: 2 x 94 Dembele?

    EA messed up and made the first batch of red picks a RW, then to compensate they gave everyone who chose the RW one the LW one as well. No bug, just EA **** up again (and you getting lucky) (View Post)
  • Re: How it Feels like pack CR7

    "I packed" him when I was watching two kids from a friend of my mom, they play FIFA but don't do any SBC's since they're quite young (11 and 13 ) and just want to play the game. Told them: let's do … (View Post)
  • Re: Mid gullit v prime gullit

    I'm waiting for my futswap icon, which means I have 3 icons to throw into the prime SBC, making him 'cheaper' than the 90 + packs back, so if you have any icons from the futswaps I'd suggest throwing… (View Post)
  • Re: PIM Socrates

    Cruyff's stamina is too low for CAM, especially the 89, so I'd suggest running Cruyff ST and keep Socrates CAM, I think he's the best card in the game for CAM for that money. (View Post)
  • Re: Buy Now or ?

    Loads of packs + loads of new high rated cards will make almost every single card on the market drop, so I would certainly wait a bit if you can! Edit: Talking about TOTS of course. (View Post)

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