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  • Re: Romanian League confirmed for FIFA 20

    (Quote) I suppose Croatia is a poor league too. Hahaha totally agree with you bacchus that guy Didn’t no what he was talking about. Croatia has produce probably the best players in Europe over the la… (View Post)
  • UEFA 2020

    Am really disappointed in EA not snatching this idea from PES they have the fully licensed tournament. 50 teams it seems to me EA are not announcing any new National Teams now then, with PES getting … (View Post)
  • Re: I’m happy 😊

    i won’t be quoting anymore until I play the game I think we as a community have moaned so well that they may have got the message well done my fellow forum bashers. 👍👍👍👍 (View Post)
  • I’m happy 😊

    I’m pleased with the shake up of career mode I’m gonna purchase it now. Read a few quotes from people on the forums and people still moaning I’m glad that things like ethnicity on youth scouting has … (View Post)
  • Re: Career Mode

    I also played Pes demo it sucked gameplay they say it’s the same as Pes 2019 and with there crap exclusivities. What exclusivities juve, arsenal, Man U, Boca juniors, erm I can go on but it’s a bit p… (View Post)

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