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  • Re: FB Iniesta

    @EA_Andy I know you’re still looking into the FB Mahrez but can you add this as well. Switch already misses out on a lot of content but at least FB sbc’s were consistent, now we don’t have those anym… (View Post)
  • Re: Mid-icon SBC

    I got my players back. Thank you for the help and updates @EA_Andy (View Post)
  • Re: Mid-icon SBC

    (Quote) They have to bring it back, surely. I plan on doing like 4 of them myself. It's way better value for the Switch than other platforms because of the how exorbitant the icon prices are. In addi… (View Post)
  • Re: Mid-icon SBC

    Seriously, this needs to be addressed like 8 hours ago. How can they just sit there and not even make a statement about it? What other mods can we tag? I’m definitely sliding in Cian’s DMs (View Post)
  • Re: Fut birthday

    (Quote) I haven’t touched the draft at all on the switch, I heard of it being impossible to find games. I did spend $99 on FP on those limited 30 all gold all rare player packs (Fernandinho, Thiago, … (View Post)

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