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  • Gonna wait for it to release this time, Watch gameplay and see how you guys respond to it on the forums,lol. Plenty of other games will be out around same time and I'm enjoying Madden 20 so Fifa is not that high on priority list this year.
  • Looks like I'll be sticking with Madden 20 till modern warfare. Fifa is a sinking ship.
  • So bored I started playing MUT 19 again and man it's so much better than FUT in every aspect, Especially with the offline grinding content. Think I'll be switching to MUT 20 and quitting Fifa.
  • Still to early to buy my final team before I move onto 20?
    in When to sell ? Comment by xFATAL July 18
  • (Quote) Is it safe to buy my "Final" team yet? I don't think I could take it if I lost some coins even though they expire in a couple mo. :D
  • (Quote) Level 10 if that happens,lol.
  • They ruined TOTS this year by waiting 4 days into each TOTS to release upgrade packs. I get they're trying to maximize pack sales but it just turns me off having to wait before we get fun content. IF they release upgrade packs today(81+ or Guarante…
  • Really miss having Gold, Silver and Bronze teams and hybrid with a mix of all three tiers that you could use in specific tourny's. Sadly EA saw in Fut 15 alot were turning to silvers and it hurt pack sales so they eliminated one of the more fun asp…
  • Eusebio Such a game changer but I have both players in my team and really like Socrates as well, he's an amazing central CAM.
  • (Quote) And this is why nothing ever gets fixed with this game. Too many people like you that accept it and bash others that have a platform to voice an opinion to help improve it. They make a living playing this game so of course they wont quite …
  • (Quote) Yeah God forbid he gets excited over a good goal and mad when gameplay is horrible, Shame on him.
  • So just because he's streaming in front of thousands he's not allowed to show emotions Good or bad? Maybe you should give him some tips on how to properly act while streaming.
  • (Quote) Yeah obviously with solos they'd have to reconfigure some things but I believe they could make it work. Still unsure when i'm going to play again with BFV getting big updates i'm giving it one last chance since BF has always been my go to F…
  • (Quote) I've poured hundreds of hours in the game and disagree completely. Most the char ability's really only benefit the user and while helpful for teamplay they're not completely necessary to win. What exactly wouldn't work if we had Duos or so…
  • Adding ranked is nice but too late for me. None of my friends have any desire to play anymore without a new map, Map expansion or new game modes like duos, Solos or quads.
  • The waiting until Tues every week to get Upgrade packs really kills the enjoyment for me. I guess they think this increases pack sales but without decent content throughout the weekend I'm guessing most are just playing matches or not playing at all…
  • Prime has been amazing for me best striker I've used this year. If you have alot of untradeables or coins you can spare I'd just do his sbc and have fun since game cycle is nearing the end anyway.
  • Any new modes, maps or map expansion with this update or is it all just new skins?
  • They try so hard to eff us over they eff themselves over repeatedly. It's just comical at this stage of the game.
  • Gonna take a shot in the dark and say 6pm today like it's been for every major league.
    in LaLiga Tots Comment by xFATAL June 4
  • Just wait until sbc is about to expire and loads will go on the market.
  • Go get him. Icons live up to their stats, TOTS really don't and get boring to use.
  • Never had a need for him this year since I have an untradeable TOTY Marcelo but I did his loan to compare the two and Marcelo is significantly better. I imagine Even TOTS Telles is much better at this stage as well.
  • Why not, Your coins become useless in a few months(Assuming your moving on to Fut 20) just have fun with them and enjoy using players you want to use. I did Eusebio SBC and he's so fun to use, Best player on my stacked fully Untradeable team.
  • (Quote) Agreed, At this stage of the game with only a few months left of FUT 19 my coins go into players I want NOT who's the best bargain although I think the sbc is a good deal.
    in Tots Goretzka Comment by xFATAL June 1
  • I think he's a bargain, Fits the meta and similar to Prime Gullit for fraction of the price.
  • He's good pretty much anywhere but I'd say he's best as an Attacking CM.
  • Have used him 20 games now and he's nothing like you described. You said 89 Ballack is better but I have Prime Ballack who I've used 300 games and while I like him and he's a different player he's nowhere near as good TOTS Goretzka. Would like to s…
  • Trapp Which i'm actually happy with since he'll just go into La Liga Guaranteed TOTS and 95 rating should keep that cheap. Although I've been using him and he's actually a good GK so far, Making some insane saves.

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