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  • from now on ill be checking my packs after buying rather than just chucking them into my club if it happens again i will let you know
  • checkout my twitch streams -search for warpig80 and search youtube for my vids search CrUkPS4 let me know what you think
  • lol 64 subs at the mo only few mill to go
  • when getting the ports make sure the ports your getting are off the company that made the game ea codemasters activison etc
  • working again now
  • this happens after opening a pack
  • they should design a algorithm that picks up players scoring own goals constantly once could be a mistake but 4 or 5 times you start to change your mind,these players should then be put into a database that sorts out the main culprits from people ac…
  • if you've been playing long enough you can wittle out the time wasters and the newbies,why not introduce a star rating system,on the xbox on fight night you can rate your experience,if you can rate the experience there might be a way so you make it…
  • some are going to club but some ain't
  • you can search the transfer list from sbc screen on web app for instance go into a sbc im doing china so i go into beijing renhe then select a open position on the team (Lm,Rm,Cm etc) and select search on transfer market you might have to enter the …
    in sbc idea Comment by warpig March 11
  • i dont play UT i mostly play pro clubs and do bit of trading on the web app so maybe they could incorporate it into the web app rather than the game
    in sbc idea Comment by warpig March 11
  • surely there would be a way a player is linked through automatically,when you import players from your club you would be doing the same thing your dragging players from your club so it has to filter through why wouldn't it be possible after opening …
    in sbc idea Comment by warpig March 11
  • it doesn't have to add them to their position maybe they could be sent to their club sbc bench,this idea is for the sbc 's you need 1 or 2 players for doing the import is good for filling it out but looking for those ones you need to finish a sbc is…
    in sbc idea Comment by warpig March 11
  • they have it in some sort of way if you go in to the sbc go on a position you can search the transfer market for a player you can then send them to sbc in the menu (so it can be done so they should make it possible after you have just purchased and …
    in sbc idea Comment by warpig March 11
  • thankyou bud
    in sbc idea Comment by warpig March 10
  • people are going to start to leave fifa was my gaming bible but ive lost faith
  • game has been deleted not wasting my time anymore
  • the error is still happening on console when you first start up fifa it asks you before you sign in and every time you leave ultimate team
  • tried reloading web app its still happening i don't know if they have replaced any leagues,i don't think so it looks as if they have just appeared alongside the other leagues
  • i can get on web app now so you might be able to get on now
  • new 3hour live stream vid from last night up and running on my youtube channel search for CrUkPS4
  • another good game for the charity idea is fight night - i would love to get professional boxers play fight night against gamers for charity
  • it probably couldn't happen without the endorsement of ea that goes without getting others involved
  • i think ea would have to be involved at some point if they wanted but the main thing is its for charity and not for profit
  • thanks for the comments i don't mean in real life that is another whole ball game and there is soccer aid as someone mentioned this match will be a full 90min match online it could be turned into a charity night where 11 ultimate team players take o…
  • money makes the world go round bro its a shame bro the idea is out there now so. im not looking to cash in i would like all the income to go to charity
  • lol i got xbox bro but my fifa on ps4 they should introduce cross play so ps4 and xbox/pc can all play against and with each other
  • they are bro with ea taking the ability to get trait points in drop ins away,but i promote my youtube channel better through drop ins,more of an audience,what console you on bro if your on ps4 add me if you want
  • nah bro you might as well play ultimate team you probably played a drop in where its you versus 2,3,4 or 5 players where your team has dropped i have and there's no buzz like winning against a few pros if you haven't try it you will know what i am …
  • cba with looking for players bro then testing them to see if they any good then arguing with them when i kick em making it a solo game mode solves all of this
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