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  • (Quote) This basically means that as much as FIFA has been the same on Frostbite year after year (17-20), the next one will be officially identical to 20 on PC
  • (Quote) EA really takes a huge dump on RPL even when they had the license, never adding ANY custom faces to CSKA, Zenit, Spartak, Lokomotiv etc or the Russian NT despite them reaching WC quarterfinals.
  • What are the chances of a player who just joined a La Liga team getting a scanned face in FIFA21? Thinking about Smolov finally getting a face now with Celta.
  • (Quote) Doesn't BL only have like 10 faces per team though? As opposed to EPL where it's much more faces in every team?
  • Hey guys any advice on which team to pick for career mode now? Maximum bumber of starheads, maximum number of faces in teams I'll be playing against, maximum amount of real stadiums in the league?
  • It's absolutely ridiculous how total no names from EPL, Colombia, Argentina, Germany get scans but UCL and Euro 2020 players like M. Guilherme, Dzhikiya, Miranchuk bros, Krychowiak, Barinov, Dzyuba, Driussi, Rakitskiy, Golovin, Ozdoev, M. Fernandes,…
  • (Quote) This! Either some people only started playing recently or are already too entitled to demand yearly rescans (definitely not defending EA though, they only care about FUT). But as someone who's been playing on PC since FIFA 2000, I remember …
  • (Quote) Yeah might be. So them saying "all 36 clubs" basically means that they have the full license and that there won't be Bavaria Reds or Wolve City FC. Then again, nice "difinitive Bundesliga experience they got there if the majo…
  • (Quote) Zenit Arena over the last 8. It was literaly created for FIFA18 World Cup DLC
  • Is there a list of confirmed new faces in FIFA20 based on trailers and other materials? If FIFA19 was La Liga, FIFA20 is Bundesliga, FIFA21 might be Serie A, FIFA22 Ligue 1, and finally in FIFA23 Russian PL might get some love for the first time ev…
  • Is there a confirmed faces list? Any Russian players rumored to get faces in FIFA20? Won't be getting the game for the first time since FIFA 2000, but I guess I'll have it due to Origin subscription anyway
  • (Quote) It's not bias, it's objective UEFA rankings, check them out. RPL is only behind England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. You might not give two **** about it but neither do I about EFL or Australian league (producing zero faces combined f…
  • (Quote) Fake news. RPL is producing a) more UCL action, b) more Europa League action c) more World Cup and Euro action. Plus the stadiums after the World Cup + Krasnodar are on another level compared to relegation level English boxes. And more peop…
  • (Quote) When was the last time a championship team beat Real Madrid twice home and away? Maybe won a European cup? Maybe championship players supply players for World Cup quarterfinals? Yeah didn't think so. It may be a competitive league but it d…
  • (Quote) lmao this dude just said 2nd English division scan is preferable to RPL. RPL should be scanned right after Bundersliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 and ahead of Portugal, Holland, etc with English 2nd divisions appearing somewhere after J-League an…
  • (Quote) Pretty sure having World Cup and Champions League playoff teams without generics or horribly outdated scans would be a good start everyone could agree on
  • (Quote) Agreed. World Cup / Champions League participants over 17 year old nonames from Brighton.
  • (Quote) Firstly, it only showcases your lack of awareness, as if playing for Zenit St Petersburg is obscure. Secondly, you didn't counter my point at all, Banega or Godin were scanned for FIFA 13 and 14, their faces were totally okay and in no way …
  • (Quote) FIFA13 and FIFA14 scans, how is that "most outdated"? There's players like Yuri Zhirkov with FIFA11 scans.
  • So they added 4 faces for irrelevant nonames, where are the faces for Subasic, Witsel, Vrsaljko, Strinic, Mario Fernandes, Smolov, Dzyuba, Fagner, Renato Augusto, Golovin... jeez
  • (Quote) No I don't really follow Bundesliga or Serie A. And you know the top goalscorer in Russian PL this season? Chalov, no face. Top assister? Gazinskiy, no face. For me the most fair solution would be scanning Champions League and World Cup pla…
  • (Quote) Surely they have proven they are better than hundreds others since their teams did well in WC2018, unlike people like Sessegnons or Susos or Sanchos like who on earth even are they
  • I mean it's so outrageous how the best 8 national teams on the planet who just reached World Cup quarterfinals literally have TONS of generic faces like Pavard, Witsel, Golovin, Dzyuba, Smolov, Fernandes, Zobnin, Kuzyaev, Samedov, Kutepov, Kudryasho…
  • (Quote) Yep. Love getting on little kids like you's nerves, keeping possession for as long as possible, not using sprint or skill moves, just waiting for you to get impatient, pass the ball around your defenders and walk it into the net while you j…
  • (Quote) I see. Thanks. Would never know that player existed if it wasn't for this thread lol. Couldn't care less though. I'm a bit surprised Nicola Vlasic doesn't have a face despite spending last season at Everton.
  • (Quote) Who is this Ryan Sessegnon everyone wants so much while Vrsaljko, Subasic, Dzyuba, Golovin etc are still generic? I've literally never heard of him.
  • "szhog" means burned. You failed to Google translate it since you misspelled the Russian word сжег, it's not сжог.
  • (Quote) I don't play FUT
  • Guys do we have a list of new and updated faces in FIFA19?
  • (Quote) Well thing is Luzhniki isn't part of the RPL, so the licence that PES got this year probably had nothing to do with it. It's merely such a shame and such classic EA to miss out on an iconic stadium which not only hosted the Olympics, UCL an…

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