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  • Quality comment. I give credit where its due
  • So they actually plan to take away their titles?? I doubt anything will happen since its City.
  • Haaland is only as good as is the distribution. Pretty much like Lukaku. Id still have him of course, because his finishing ability is otherworldly and he is wc overall in terms of finishing and finding space. Other than that, very one dimensional. Will probably get ripped apart for "one dimensional" but its just how I see…
  • Need 4 wins in 5 games. Played absolute ballers tbf. Some of them with high skill rating, had to ask since the matchmaking was odd. Some I won barely, some I was outplayed. Mode is also laggy as hell and it makes things harder.
  • Him and Bobby. Hopefully both come back strong.
  • At least he can wipe his tears using cash he got from a new contract. Jokes aside, needs a long rest and someone to talk to. Looks like he has absolutely noone.
  • IF I manage to get enough tokens, Ill take the 85x20. Cant wait to get my Gerard Moreno <3
  • Tbh didnt even think it was that bad :joy:
  • Im 28. Live in Slovenia, have a girlfriend with who Ive been for nearly 9 years (she is currently doing her masters degree-pharmacy) but after that Im planning an engagement, dont want to upset her too much atm since she is undera lot of stress :joy: Anyway, Ive been playing games all my life, FIFA from the first title up…
  • If Im conpletely honest, it may aswell be so. Not because of him but because of the backroom staff (Ljinders, Kornmeyer etc.). Relations seem to be fragmeneted and beyond repair if something doesnt change. There is literally no other way as to why a group of players suddenly turned to absolute garbage. Doesnt change the…
  • If we summarize everything tgats been said, we are ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thats what we are.
  • Just unlucky
  • Who said anything about everyone? You are supposed to bring in new faces and replace people that are just relying on their better teammates. Almost winning a quad means nothing as we havent won it.
  • Thats your answer. In the past.
  • He lost possession 3 times in 20s just a minute ago.
  • I havent said the team is bad. Everything as a whole looks bad. Yeah, some infividuals are BAD. Matip nearly let it another goal just now, plays better as a CM than CB ffs. Our first CDM was replaced by an academy graduate mid season.
  • We need luck. Apparently we arent bad, we are just unlucky.
  • Nah its over. They can go ❤️❤️❤️❤️ themselves. Bunch of idiots
  • Hahahahahahaahahahahahahaah absolute garbage again. Waiting for bad luck comments while this is clearly incompetence.
  • I am 100% sure something happened behind the scenes.
  • With great power, comes great responsibility old man Ben said. Peter Parker became Spider Man while Kornmeyer unable to handle this responsibilty became a villian.
  • Completely agree and once again could be a big if however everything you pointed out can lead to a massive ego boost in certain individuals. Success is theirs aswell, may be that because of that they became something more in their eyes. Just an opinion.
  • Of course, could be a big if. Well Alisson is a much better keeper overall, so if its not massive confidence loss like it was with Kepa, I cant really say as to how you can actually make your GK perform worse. Shots were fired towards Achtenberg at the time but nor Mignolet nor Karius werent world class and would never be…
  • Doesnt change anything. Could be head of fitness for 55 years for all I care, people change. Too much power usually leads to that. IF he became difficult to work with, on top of his increased influence, something needs to change. Working with or for someone like that creates problems and bad athmosphere.
  • Guess he needs to go. He as head of fitness definitely screwed us imo if reports are true
  • 🚨 NEW: Liverpool's head of fitness and conditioning Andreas Kornmayer, who is one of Jurgen Klopp's most trusted allies, is reportedly believed by some to have too much influence at the club and is difficult to work with. There have previously been reports that the influence of Klopp's assistant, Pep Ljinders, has grown…
  • Bellingham is an unreal talent, perfect fit for us, homegrown, bound to return to England by all report but nowadays you never know. I just don't see a scenario where he ends up in Madrid. The only thing I'm worried about is his price and Dortmund are known to milk you for every last drop. Happened with Sancho aswell. I…
  • Completely fair prediction based on what Ive seen so far: Wolves away-W Everton home-W/D (Dyche coming in changes things) Newcastle away-D Real Madrid home-D/L even though they arent in superb form aswell Palace away-W

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