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  • I've already done a post regarding career mode now here's my opinion about what needs to be improved in gameplay to make the game real enjoyable and exciting: GOALKEEPERS The animations are poor regarding the goalkeepers. Its not looking like in re…
  • I hope to see following features in FIFA 19 career mode to add realism and make it real enjoyable: 1. MANAGER AVATAR Gameface brought back in game and the posibility to apply it to your own manager. Would have a massive impact on the realism/person…
  • Sad but true. Because as you say the shooting in Fifa 16 is concentrated mostly on long power shoots or direct impact shots who often is lethal. Then other kinds of ordinary irl shots/goals have gone missing, like low power shots. The impact it get…
  • I dunno how well the latest installement of PES have animated GK in comparison, cuz I haven't tried the full game. But I've tried the demo before. And from what I remember they were far more realistic.
  • I would like easports to work a bit more on gameplay, especially improve goalkeeper animations! Many actions/moves they do in Fifa 16 doesn’t look authenthic at all. Like for instance on most shots/goals they fall silly on the ground with their &qu…
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