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  • A lot of my games Ive seen a 1 2 with the post, never see it in reality, not very believalble but in EA world its must be considered more thrilling.
  • One 2 Thru ball they glide, short pass and turn feels like reversing a lorry,
  • I find myself ping ponging more because I'm scared of how long its going to take, how much time it takes to respond, how sluggish I become, or where it may end up if I dont, so I wack it first time hopefully in the direction of a player. And they ar…
  • This is why it turns into ping pong, because the balance isnt right, youre better off ping ponging because it takes much longer to control it, first touch is much worse than first time pass.
  • Its funny, I read nothing but FIFA is too arcade, fast and ping pong, then people complaining its too slow and sluggish. My opinion is none of those are true
  • World Class less goals than last year, seems harder to score so far, tight games 0-0 and 1-0s, Highest was a 2-1. Gkers seem a little bit too good, saving crazy shots. But regular length games
  • The demo might be a newer build the the 1.0 retail version. It has to go gold well before, the demo might be more like the day 1 patch. 1.01 or whatever.
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