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  • is it wise to get rijkaard while already having prime Ballack (untraceable), I mean I play 4231, so would rijkaard suit with Ballack together in the CDM part
  • most of the guys will probably say 4231, with balanced playstyles
  • I have those laliga players for months now, with the duplicates also on the transferlist, so sick of it, hopefully that stupid sbc comes out soon so this BS can end, cuz im not expecting anything, not after that doucoure vardy thing, probably it wil…
  • I have a brazilian team too, its so good, but i have a cheaper version with giuliano at cam, he is amazing, i packed paulinho, who is better, fred or paulinho? because for cvm i already have fernandinho who i also packed together with willian at RM
  • I packed david silva89, mahrez85, willian84 and paulinho85
  • Dude, I have giuliano and he is a machine!, i cannot stop scoring with him its ridiculous, he can score he can assist he has decent strength he is not slow, i dont know if he doesnt suite you, but boy do i like him in my team, i packed david silva f…
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