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  • (Quote) Yep, now if only i could skip this Volta intro....
  • Does same for me but does eventually work after 6/7 attempts.
  • Me too, got James Forrest
    in OTW pack Comment by shepj6 September 18
  • (Quote) That'll be tomorrow
  • Hope it’s overnight tonight but can see it being tomorrow evening (say 6pm UK time) as wouldn’t imagine it coming out early hours of tmrw morning just as EA Vancouver knock off for the day (realise they have offices in Europe but seem to time major …
  • Just finished pre-loading (plus the 770mb update - already - afterwards!)
  • (Quote) If you want to participate in the first WL then best grind rivals, think it was about 20-25 wins in rivals to qualify last year for your first weekend league (80 points a win from Div 5 IIRC).
  • Nothing to do with web app and early start but why on Origin Premier has the release date gone back a day, for ages in Origin it said "Origin Access Premier release date: September 18, 2019 4pm" but today it now says September 19 at 4pm? A…
  • (Quote) I know, was same last year! Speed my broadband runs at though full game will be out before it's finished downloading.....
  • (Quote) If you are on PC then click Fifa 20 in the store and then "Try it Now" (should below the orange button, which for me says "View in Libary" as I've preordered).
  • (Quote) 18th at 4pm BST for me on PC Origin Premier Access. Think 19th for normal Origin Access 10 hour trial?
  • I think in last years fifa OTW upgrades ended when the previous season ended, so would imagine the headliner cards are the same (ie this season doesn't count)
  • Really need something to rinse the club and transfer list, hopefully they bring back the 82+ and 81 double upgrades, but not sure they with the TOTW and Icon upgrades running until nearly the end of Futties. Perhaps for the last 3 days from next Mon…
    in Upgrade packs Comment by shepj6 August 6
  • (Quote) I'll second this, give him the ball outside the box and 9 times out of 10 it'll fly in.
    in Futties Alaba Comment by shepj6 August 5
  • Now got a new tactic, just give the ball to Alaba and let him hit it, his finishing is unreal from outside the box.
  • Definitely untradable packs for me at this stage of the game. If I did happen to pack a Ronaldo or Mbappe TOTS (or any other card worth anything) then would probably want to use them for 6/7 weeks now rather than sell anyway.
  • (Quote) Email preferences tab on your account settings page: (Image)
    in FIFA 20 Beta Comment by shepj6 July 31
  • Would suspect he'll stay in as one of the cards included from Batch 1 and 2.
  • (Quote) 1 in squad battles rewards
  • Reckon it will be all major league tots cards and best of batch 1 and 2 that aren’t in main league tots, but hopefully they might just put best version of all other cards (except Toty cos we know they aren’t putting those in)
    in Batch 3 Comment by shepj6 July 27
  • Done him as had a stack of high rated untradeables that were just going to sit and rot, so may as well make use of them, only player bought was muller. Saving packs til Weds, so hopefully might get something worthwhile back but prob won’t.
  • I’ll go for 3 or 4 86 rated squads, maybe 1 requiring inform, 1 requiring french player and 1 requiring prem player, if 4 then another 86 with no specific requirements. Can’t see them making it overly expensive as we are nearly in August. They may …
  • Here you go from the website: ‘Best Of’ Packs Some of the best Special Items from FUT 19 (excluding TOTY) will be re-released during FUTTIES! The players will be added to packs in 3 batches. The first batch will be released on July 3rd, the second…
  • G2 - Thauvin and Sule, meh.
  • Kimpembe weekly objective? Blanc/Kimpembe now my CB partnership.
  • Same as they have been for last 3 weeks I'd imagine, all leagues with guarantee of 1 from major leagues G2 upwards?
  • (Quote) This. Not faced an issue (eg Direct X error cheat) since doing this a few months ago.
    in draft problem Comment by shepj6 July 23
  • (Quote) Fair enough, see no reason why subbing on Fred / Torres wouldn't work.
  • (Quote) Pics aren’t showing but why not just start with Fred and Torres, 6 silvers and 3 bronze? If it’s for chem purposes then it’s only professional level, don’t need players on full chem surely?
  • (Quote) As per tweet from Zaro earlier: Hey all, We had 2 SBCs going out as duplicates today. The expiration for these were shorter than for the correct ones. Items will be returned for all players that completed the challenges partially. This mak…
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