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  • No chance this was intended. I refuse to believe someone would be so spectacularly stupid as to think this was the best way to design the menus. But then again it's EA and with the state career mode is in it seems that spectacularly stupid may be a job requirement to work for them.
  • Whole game is dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Gameplay apparently the best feature but when you have Jordan Henderson controlling passes on his chest then scissor kicking the ball to a teammate you have to laugh. Add in most goals are scored from rebounds and that was one of the worst fifas I've ever played. The Journey was bad enough but…
  • To me it's already an absolute scandal that EA can release such a completely broken game, but the fact a 13 year old young man can then proclaim to be able to fix the issues, after 3 days, should have every single EA employee who worked on this mess hanging their heads in shame. Good luck to you fifer in your attempts to…
  • I'm returning my fifa 20 tomorrow and using money to try pes. Not played pes for over 10yrs but think it's time to give them a shot. EA certainly don't deserve any custom or time spent playing this absolute farce of a game.
  • Count me in. Bought game friday morning and it's going back tomorrow. An unfinished, broken mess of a game and an insult to every person who bought it.
  • I think only Macclesfield have proper keeper kit in L2. The generic keeper kits have annoyed me for years. It can't be that much extra work to put the proper kits in.
  • Not so much gone downhill as fallen off the edge of a cliff. It's a shame because the potential of this game is huge, but it seems EA are happy to put in minimum effort as long as they are maximising profits.
  • Don't see what the problem is here, can people not play the game differently to others? As for myself I have a save where I only sim games and this is where I noticed the problem in the op. I agree the sim mechanic is far from perfect, but having a sim only save can be a decent change from playing all the games.
  • I think it's just another bug in the game. I've found this also applies to manager/player of month and team of the season. A player can play only one game in a month, get a good rating for it then win the player of month award! Also after I completed a season in the Scots premiership the team who finished 7th out of 12 had…
  • Happens all the time in my spurs career too. Eriksen at CAM will get 25+ goals a season while Kane as a lone ST will be lucky to get double figures! Happens every season. Only way I've found to change this is to play Kane at CAM and Eriksen as lone ST while simming games and this usually boosts Kane's goal tally. Other…
  • Game has only been out 8 days and I've already lost all enthusiasm for it. Feel like a total mug for buying yet another FIFA that has had zero effort put into it. I can handle games that aren't perfect (as most of them aren't) but this latest FIFA offering is an insult too far for me. I don't really mind about the…
  • Mate even at 50% off its still not worth it! I can't emphasize enough how much of a complete p*ss take this career mode is. There is so much wrong with it that I can't believe it's been released for sale, the people involved in developing this game should be ashamed of the absolute sh*te they have made.
  • The players I had out on loan all returned before new season started, and since negotiations only take one day, I was able to offer them a new deal before they left for free. You can obviously recall them but that can cost a fair amount of your budget!
  • U can't fix this issue. EA have again released a game that doesn't work
  • I'm sure they are glad of my money, and I'd be happy for them to have it if I wasn't getting half ar*ed, half finished, broken mess of a game in return!! If u haven't bought it yet I wouldn't recommend it in the state it's in at the minute.
  • What I've found so far is if u agree to buy/sell players between September and January those players will arrive/leave when January window opens. If u do it between February and end of season then nothing happens when the new season starts. Also players will only leave on loan to teams in same country and will reject all…
  • Definitely not just you. Seems a pretty stupid idea to take that option out
  • Great shout with disabling the international job offers! If there's one thing that will eventually stop me from playing career mode it's this. Would I like to manage India as well as Spurs?? Would I f**k!!!
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