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  • People have suggested to make CM have in-game purchases so it makes more money (and therefore gets more development time), but I'm not sure CM can be monetized as effectively as FUT. FUT has a certain addictive quality that can be tapped into repeat…
  • (Quote) Right, that revenue from game purchases pales in comparison to what EA makes on FUT, thereby making the CM community's purchasing power negligible. Also, while there is probably a non-trivial fraction of people who only play for CM (or othe…
  • (Quote) Dude, have you seen the career modes in other sports games? NBA 2K, Madden (also made by EA), etc. are light years ahead of FIFA's CM. They have more than enough resources to make CM a great, in-depth, and realistic manager sim, they just …
  • (Quote) How's the Career Mode in PES17? Any good? The one thing I've seen that I don't like is that the regens still have those player's faces. It's not more egregious than FIFA's CM errors, but it still seems a little weird to me.
  • you need to download the updated squad and then do whatever customizations you want to do. Then you save the squad and/or go straight into CM with that customized squad. Looks like you just forget to download the updated squad.
  • Big fan of CM and have played FIFA 17's version enough to have some initial thoughts on the Youth Academy feature this year. Here's my take: 1) YA scouting distributions are skewed The quality distributions for YA players is still OP in FIFA 17. Th…
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