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  • Which country are you in?
    in h Comment by ronxdude October 2017
  • I second that, both are amazing.
  • I tried that formation, I would go something like Kane Sane - Eriksen - Jesus/Mkhitariyan Bakayoko - Herrera Spend like 40-50k on defence. Goal Barkley is good enough or Cech.
  • Depends on your current team, if you need the money then definitely sell - BUY A STRIKER/WINGER. How much can a defender help?
  • I have him, it all depends on the formation you play him in. I think he's decent. I have him in a 4-3-3(4), where he holds the balls, to get my CAM (Eriksen) or my wingers POTM Mane/Martial to make runs past him to score. Mostly Eriksen. Saying tha…
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