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  • Exactly. Should have been a player pick of players from batches 1-4 but got all gold rares instead. Along with the french player pick which they also messed up on.
  • Poor you man. I have now learnt my lesson after 5 years of playing this game, i am offically quitting at the end of this edition. Too much stress caused and too many simple mistakes made. Not a good game anymore.
  • This ❤️❤️❤️❤️ poor company really can't do anything right can they!
  • What do we do? I submitted a few high rated special cards into that and al i got was an 81 Morales!
  • I just did this sbc. I got all rare gold picks around 80 rated. Weren't we supposed to get special cards in this pack?
  • I like the options now that more players have become affordable. It helps me out quite a bit as i am someone who has built teams for all major leagues plus a few for nations and am always looking to upgrade each of them. Just in the last couple of days i have packed both SS Hazard and SS Aubameyang as well as finally buy…
  • Doesn't matter what they have been upto before playing the game as long as i get my wins ;). I am also very tired when playing and pretty much go to bed right after playing the games but strangely still find myself playing better at night than during the day in most cases. For instance, the last couple of times i played…
  • Just my luck! After i started this post by saying how bad these 75x5 packs have gotten recently, i decided to test the waters again i completed another 3 more. The first one i open 95 TOTS Cancelo dupe untradeable! I now can't open anymore packs and can't use quick sell recovery due to using up all the recoveries in there…
  • It's a strange one for me though. At the start of the game when choosing items for your stadium and other club items i had fun choosing the celebrations i would use in game but when it came down to the games i now instinctively skip all of them straight away. No matter how the game is going, win, lose or draw.
  • Nah man, i only repeated the 75x5 as it only requires 9 silver raers and 2 golds. All from my club. Never repeat any higher sbcs if first or two don't pay out.
  • Exactly the same here mate. 83 and below. Why can't they just let us enjoy something from this game before the end. I will defo not be buying 23 when it comes out. After 5 or 6 years of playing this game i am finally done with it.
  • I guess Varane will be coming back into my prem team for a few games at least to see if i can still use him to the best of his ablities. The problem i have is the fact that i tend to just look at the stats of players and think they are the be all and end all of the players but it would seem that that is not the case some…
  • It's a weird one for me. I am still trying to complete both Serie a and la liga summer swaps objectives as i only started doing them 2 nights ago. I am currently on 2 out of 8 wins still as i have only won 1 game per day so far, which is terrible for me as i have previously done a couple of first goal wins objectives and…
  • I got beat by a couple of teams very similar to this one whilst i was using an all special serie a squad. Game just feels terrible at the moment. Played a bunch of games today for the new silver stars player, just for the token and it must have taken me 6 or 7 games just to get all requirements to complete it.
  • That's what this promo is all about though. Changing positions. Arnautovic is the perfect player to switch to a cb because of his height and strength he has already. I really quite enjoy this promo. If ea would choose some different players to change rather than most of the same players each time then it would be even more…
  • No i can't see what's wrong with it. Please do enlighten me!
  • Why does it look wrong? Got Arnautovic ss from an untradable pack and he was the only other good cb in the serie a that i had. Does quite well with his strength and tackling.
  • I just had a rage inducing moment in this game mode. I had only starting down the Serie A objective today as i had been finishing off other objectives before hand. I lost the first 2 games, whilst quite annoying as i couldn't even get an attack going before my opponents score similar goals by running down the wing and…
  • For the last couple of weeks i have been struggling in Div 2 just to make it past the first marker. Win 1, lose 3, win 1, lose 1, win 1, lose 2 etc. I currently run a full prem team in a 41212(2) and use a quick passing game as i am not very good/confident in dribbling/skill style. For a while now each game has been a real…
  • Not sure if i will do him. Yes he looks good but for someone like me who runs a prem team, i will need to get rid of his rb card to be able to use this one. There a a few other prem rbs i can use but none will be as good as him imo.
  • Just watched Nep's video and he was looking at both cards and found that apart from a little bit of pace and shooting, the CAM card on a hawk might just be better than the LW on an engine. I might just go with the CAM now as that sorts out my problem and i can just position change him to a ST on full chem.
    in OLE IN Comment by rikstar July 2022
  • Might as well leave Solsjkaer up top as a LF then, that way i don't need to change anything.
    in OLE IN Comment by rikstar July 2022
  • Who do i use at RW/RM then as i don't have any wide players. If i use one of my central players there to start with then they will only be on 7 or 8 chem.
    in OLE IN Comment by rikstar July 2022
  • It's a little annoying though for me. I love using my prem team and being a Man Utd fan i am definitely getting the LW but i only use a narrow formation with this team and have got rid of my prem wingers so might just have to play the LW card upfront as a LF on 7 chem. I know i could get the CAM version but come on, LW…
    in OLE IN Comment by rikstar July 2022
  • I only started doing this objective this morning (29th UK). I won only 1 game at that point and got really annoyed at the game, even though i know i don't need to. I then remembered that during the other "First to" objective games, i would play them all during the night (Midnight-1am UK time) and would win most of the…
  • I am only looking to win 8 games each week. Thankfully i have already reached that for this week, even though i put myself through hell and did it all on one day. That'll teach me!
  • Div 2 aint no cake walk either! Breezed through Div 3 last week even though i didn't really want to but found i was beating players without trying. I am now stuck in Div 2 and can't even win more than one game in a row. Stressing me out.
  • I did a few times today i am sad to say. I don't like doing it but this game gets me in such a rage at times i just can't control myself. I quit a few at kick off as i got matched up a couple of times against full icon or near full icon teams with Mbappe/Neymar/Messi in them against my makeshift prem/Ligue 1/serie a squad…
  • Can't wait to get started in Div 2 then ;). Started this week in div 3, won 4 out of 4 games played so far. Was contemplating whether or not to lose my last game to stay in Div 3 but sadly for me, that opponent was too easy to beat and iended up getting promoted to Div 2. Now i just need 4 more wins to get my 8 wins for…
  • I'll admit, i was thinking about doing both these objectives after building a decent bronze team with the fast players that i had already in my club and having a full special silver team like most people but then after reading all the comments on this forum i have decided to just sell all my bronze players that are worth…
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