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  • I sold SS cr7, used SS sterling at striker and was miles better, TOTS sancho at striker has been best for me so far but I can’t fit him in team anymore
  • Yeah been waiting for an upgraded Kante, just don’t understand why he is getting ignored, his new card would be crazy going be the recent upgrades to everyone else
  • I just sold as SS cr7, and tried SS Sterling at ST, scored a hatrick in first 20 mins opponent quit, next game same, was about 6 nil up, Sterling had 4 goals, I play him at ST in a 451, his finishing is crazy, add his agility balance and they way he can turn and sprint at pace from a standing position, he is second to none…
  • Once I know opponent moves his gk, it’s usually game over for him, just take an extra split second to watch his movement, then shoot, 9 times out off 10 they are moving gk more centrally to cover far away post, so just aim for near, it also makes it feel more rewarding for you when you score like this 😂
  • Anyone doing this is mad 😂
    in Eusebio grind Comment by rezyy July 14
  • Took Podence
  • England were the better team on the night and deserved to go through
    in Flying Stirling Comment by rezyy July 8
  • He will be 96, after last 2 wins and EA get there act together
  • Always use basic chemistry card on gk’s, I find it gets the best out off them, used both tots Neuer and his TOTY and he was great for me, only swapped to Oblak after I done Ramos
    in Second screen Comment by rezyy June 30
  • Tell me then which 99 rated 5 star 5 star with his agility and balance strength and aggression have you used before 😂🤪
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this has to be the reply of the year Complete mince Eeh aww 😂😂
  • Issue was at my end, am in now
    in Servers down ? Comment by rezyy June 25
  • Yeah 99 Firmino looks a sure bet, I bought him this morning for 1.2 million, and will hold on to him and hope he gets his 99. 1.2 million for a 99 player with the potential to be 5 star 5 star
  • Am playing fifa 21 already at 4K 120 FPS on Series x Any 4K 120fps hdmi 2.1 TV with VRR will support it I have tested it too and during gameplay it’s runs smoothly at a constant 119/120 FPS during matches I have 1 gigabit fibre and never suffer from lag, overall happy with my experience Gold 1 WL and rank 1 in rivals,…
  • Got him in the 85+ player pick 🥳
  • I bought him and tots messi last night and linked him up with Aguero and Lanzini and played him in a lone cdm role, great on the ball, great pace, but felt his height let’s him down in the strength department, so would be better as a cm on balanced to get the best out off him. Ended up selling them both again but only…
    in Acuna !!!!! Comment by rezyy June 12
  • Your a decent player, I hit gold 2 every week, I have 2 top untradable teams, in div 1, I only play 3 or 4 rivals games before wl, enough basically wins in Rivals to give me rank 1, then play wl for the rest. I know my level, once I hit over 1900 sr, I start to get thumped, so don’t bother trying to get any higher I have 7…
  • Yes one can do what they want with there own money, but if you come on here afterwards and complain about what you received then he needs to be open to everyone’s opinions, and same with other posters When u look at the price of the market buying packs with points is a complete waste of money and he learned his lesson
  • They better extend wl
  • Very surprised with Olmo, feels great, stuck him at cam with sancho as striker in a 4231, will definitely do the job I put a hunter on him
  • Yeah I have been premier league since day 1, luckily most were untradeable or icons, now switched to bundes, with the cheap sbc’s and objective cards was easy to get an instant top team and 7 million coins to spare.
  • I have an LG Nano 866 TV which is 4K 120fps HDMI 2.1 with VRR I am already playing FIFA 21 at 4K 120fps I ran the Freesync test when game loaded up and also during a match the stats are below 120hz VRR 3840 x 2160 @ 120 RGB 10b 4L10 I am on Series X with settings locked at 4K 120fps My Tv will play the game at the highest…
  • Another stupid thread, even had the cheek to say he never quit because the opponent watched his celebration after his goal, get a grip, if little things like this upset you, your going to have a difficult life in front of you, I guess your one off these people who quit when your opponent stays after you score and then goes…
  • I use tots Forfana and Dias, they are both quite lean and fast, not noticed any problems with them with through balls although I do get control off them and run towards my goals to counter the the through ball pass. They also have superb agility and balance and look at there passing stats Forfana has 99 short and 99 long…
  • I was thinking off selling Toty KDB who I play at Cam and putting Aguero there, with tots Vardy and Rooney as strikers Could do Aguero for nothing with the fodder I have saved, and bank the 1 million for KDB which would leave me 7 million to spend Is Aguero a better cam than KDB ? I think the extra pace and agility Aguero…
  • Top player, play him beside tots Forfana, check out both there passing stats, and both are fast and great on the ball
    in Ruben Dias Comment by rezyy May 1
  • Yep same here no pack, account is linked, never received may’s pack
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