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  • It's somehow a wonder as of why the stadiums of Bochum and Furth are not added. Bundesliga has full license and EA has made it's strategy to add the stadiums of teams in the first tier for the next release. This year though, it's not the case with Bundesliga. Maybe we'll see an update later on but I really doubt it. No…
  • For the people that try to play with the lighting or LUT, it is a bad idea, introducing a green filter in order to make the grass green it messes with all the colors, yellow kits will look green, red colors will be very bright and so will the blue, it's just a vicious circle.
  • I do not want to be negative or just throw mud just to have an occupation but the people from EA doing the turf have serious sight issues or an acute lack of quality in their work. I get that license wise is a little complicated and it takes a long time to secure contracts, also face scans require traveling, but people…
  • I'm absolute sure EA will listen for the wishes of those who play career mode....yeah, right, like it has been for last years! What Fidel is showing here and what he has been modding for free for years, making a better game for EA to get more money, it's just the game mechanics in it's core which can be improved but the…
  • I suggest to those who all they know it to criticize, read all the post first and check all the releases of this man and then, maybe, make useful suggestions. Fidel, please, make available here a link to your releases, maybe some people here will get your point.
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