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  • Sané also injured. guess its time to remove another good starhead. i know its not EAs fault but the wrong players keep getting injured
  • plus in edit player mode Ukraine is in the qualified teams section while Croatia is out. this is EA showing sympathy for Zelensky. even 2014 had broken squads when editing. EA really hates FIFA. i mean the license
  • its Black Rock s rating system that baits EA to keep focusing since FIFA16 on women s teams nobody uses in game. fighting inequality gives social credit points. they boycott the Qatar wc because of the human rights status over there. also the slaves that built the stadiums. so Qatar having a low lgbt score ended up w…
  • i expressed this fear some time ago... it feels like they gave up and simply dont have the passion or will to bother with a game that requires some work. i suspect the board at EA decided the current scanning rigs process takes too much time to implement and the covid looooong situation kinda sealed the deal. i am afraid…
  • if fifawitcher is right and EA are already working on a true nextgen version of fifa 23 on PC then fifa 22 could officially be abandoned completely from any kind of support. maybe they like the Konami way and delete all the starheads. start from scratch literally. at least sell us the scanning rigs. i want the spanish one
  • this disappearing starhead issue started with Arslan. then oliver torres and gianni bruno. there has to be at least 1 player that lost a scanface permanently between iterations (i mean moving from one fifa to another. players are transferred to another database every year). i find it weird how many names are credited to…
  • in a few years when they might strip the game to a FUT skeleton completely edit player will be gone from the game. for good
  • i cant recall if nkunku and diaby attended that psg scan session when dagba aouchiche and innocent got faces. somewhere in ligue 2 lies a scan of awesome quality-Ravet
  • richards from bayern or hamouma are even better
  • i had that happen with 21 on ps4. after i got the ps5 it worked so smooth from the ssd i realized its not a bug. the 5400rpm ps4 hdd cant load fast enough. i had players not appearing on kick off with previous editions but 21 was the first with menu glitches. it could have been optimized better i suppose
  • first of all they appear larger on screen in edit mode. stockiness is a norm with EA. everyone grows. there is also a slight difference in the sense they appear correct in gameplay. in the menus they seem bloated. there is also the tierney henderson abnormally large shorts issue
  • first return his body type to slim
  • thx for putting it so clear. seems a ps6 will be able to handle amplified textures on a large scale
  • first thing i ll check is gk gloves interaction with long sleeves
  • i bet qatar wc dlc will still have 7 on bench
  • seems generic with better facial expression. visual tricks
  • they must have a tomori scan in the sturridge drawer. they have those rigs but they seem to have abandoned re-scanning leagues completely. we are not requesting them 2 travel 2 australia. if covid lasts 10y the game will have more customs than scans. did those in charge order the devteam to abandon scanning? 22 was…
  • i remember old haircut in beta. its a nice surprise
  • i imagined furlong ajayi and sawyers from west brom will get faces in 22. they should have a held back scan for sawyers like they had for juninho bacuna. leaving the pc version legacy may have been a move to block sofifa accessing the new database. i hope im wrong. in 10 years the game will end up being a skeleton FUT…
  • when i saw camavinga plus those 2 from lille i immediately assumed ligue 1 scan. and pre ordered. how many years until i stop being a fool? will they get away with fifa23 if they deliver so few new faces again? will we ever get a ligue1 scan? there were some reasons for us to expect that but what are the chances now…
  • i hope Willian is in with his new scan when i dload the ea play trial. if i update squads i might never see it again. if he is in surely ill save the og squad file even if transfers are outdated horribly. starheads are the only thing that matter in this game. nothing is new besides this really. im starting to believe EA…
  • there is a possibility EA would be technically obligated to release a qatar wc dlc in may or june. based on what happened to PES euro dlc this could be bound to arrive in fifa22 life cycle and not in fifa23. just a thought sorry for offtopic. but full game extremely unlikely
  • ferran torres proper scan. finally a new lanzini and bittencourt
  • that explains some things. but all the photos posted from the scan sessions prove the scanning crew does their part. what happens after that is meandering. lack of proper implementation is the problem. at any normal company if field work isnt implemented properly the matter is addressed immediately. how can a sane person…
  • i guess its easier than a helmet those wore but from what i have seen on tv its way more thicker than a headband. i suppose EA planned throwing in one of those. imo better leave him like he was in fifa21. after seeing Haaland against Holland i got fed up again with hairstyles always being outdated. Origi and Sturridge had…
  • sofifa and this thread are the best things about fifa. the really useful stuff
  • only o dromo i see but not even close. you cant really recreate ❤️❤️❤️❤️. only fifaewc stadium stole the blueprints from elland road
  • i saw on youtube bombonera is coming back this year. ill check again. i think they bought the libertadores licence just to lock Konami out
  • Bundesliga cant demand ❤️❤️❤️❤️ since Bayern made that deal with Konami impossible to override
  • from the moment getafe refused the scan for fifa19 it was clear all league deals except epl are weak and always will have a half baked scent. what amazes me is they keep announcing mls scans since ever but they dont have more than 25% of the players done. a rough estimate

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