The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on Console & PC and includes the changes listed here.

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  • (Quote) The lesson is pretty simple, get the game during Black Friday sales or after Christmas. Most of us will realize it and actually do this so maybe EA will launch the game properly and functional for a change.
  • No lie EA are doing a decent job with the amount of new faces, they should've included them at the launch though as all these scans/customs were done in the summer or even earlier (at the end of the day it's their loss as people will wait for Black …
  • (Quote) If they indeed scanned these players at their HQ in Bucharest, I don't see why they didn't scan the rest of the national team's squad or several key players from the Bucharest clubs now that they're licensed in FIFA 20. It's this laziness o…
  • (Quote) In the credits menu of FIFA there is every person that worked on the game, let's find them and ask them. After all, FIFA 20 advertised the game with Felix's face so to not include it is a misrepresentation of a product and could bring a cla…
  • Guys, any idea if Norwich players such as Pukki will get an updated face soon ? Will do the SBC if so, just can't play with potato-head looking players on the team lol Also is McGinn part of the Aston VIlla players that will get a new headscan ? T…
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