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  • Anyone else frustrated by lack of EFL L1 & L2 goalkeeper kits!? Looks ridiculous when you get promoted to the big leagues.
  • Ah found it. You do a player career and retire!
    in Manager Comment by nao619 October 2
  • So no EFL League 2 goalkeeper kits at all and about 3 in League 1. Argh!
  • (Quote) Anyone know?
  • Anyone know why Sofifa doesn’t display images of the players now?
  • (Quote) Happens a lot. Loads of people scanned evidently but never added. Or added years later. West Ham we’re quite open about it yet those new scans (except a couple) have never made it in.
  • (Quote) Ah ok. Still looks loads fresher. So anyone know if the proper Sky Bet patches will be in? Looks silly with the red and and white for the logo but no text! Can’t be a betting thing can it because loads of shirt sponsors that are in the gam…
    in EFL Comment by nao619 August 28
  • (Quote) What’s the Insta link and I’ll do it?
  • Another Joelinton image.. (Image)
  • (Quote) Excellent! So does this mean we will finally have some decent options for the appearance of the kit? Getting rid of the age old “Winter glitch” etc? Hopeful for rolled up sleeves, gloves the same colour as kit etc.
  • (Quote) Anyone know if this is the same for regular create a player? Offline mode I mean. I don’t play Pro Clubs.
  • (Quote) This is one I really hope they add. I don’t like creating a fictional manager, especially given the limited and terrible face options they have. I’d rather not see them at all if they can’t give us real ones. I still have a manager career …
  • (Quote) True. But even just random real looking people as referees would look better than they do now?
  • On the subject of starheads and scans, does anyone else think it’d be a good idea to have some referee and official scans? Even if they just scanned some random real people and used them as officials in the game, it would just look so much more real…
  • Just done a squad update on XBOX and Sancho is there.
  • (Quote) Ah yes, thanks! Crazy that we can’t just pick a real life manager to use in CM. This proves it’s possible. Looks so much more realistic during contract negotiations etc.
  • Hi there. I know there was the generic manager glitch in CM where we got Slaven Bilic but now I get Joachim Low with the first one, and a bald guy with a moustache for the second. I’ll try and upload a picture. It’s a real starhead manager. Looks a…
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