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  • https://imgur.com/a/24MW3hu hit like if you have similar problems in divison 9 or 10 http://imgur.com/a/w0Eye2d this is my team not best but how to get in higher divisons when all time they degrading divisons for easier opponents
    in Gameplay Comment by mica_01 May 7
  • today played game against player who has chemistry 58, and his players was faster, stronger, and goalkeeper (Palmer totss) was better than my de gea (92), he pass to my attacker and i make shoot with pace but and he shoot ball like never has breakfe…
    in Gameplay Comment by mica_01 May 7
  • (Quote) can we see your team and divison? its boring you cant play in your divison so you think that is smarter go in lower divison?
  • they baned me because i tell truth 😆 deleted my post...im telling all of that around 3-4 months but i was called lunatic and bad player 🙄 with simple math they collect over 2 bilions $/€ from us players and give us ...... if i say what i will be ban…
  • this not have any thing with skills anymore or players is your AI who create drama and chose who will win or lose. you broke game
  • http://imgur.com/a/oRKLdYQ your AI is broken every game when is close by in last seconds your AI give clear shoot to opponents 🙄😔
  • we all for that
  • (Quote) im glad to cheer up you carantine day 😁
  • when i play with my brother ping is around 8-12ms, but rivals is 32-40ms i dont know how and why. and no so much lag in that. that ping is low for us in croatia (africa has better connection🙄). we dont have optic cables, dont ask why 😆
  • (Quote) and i think three days 😆
  • (Quote) and we are here to show them on their faults. 15 milions players X 50€= 750.000.000€ just from buying game, and same if not double money of that from fifa points and cant make game without bugs and many other things. 1.500.000.000€ is minim…
  • (Quote) i didnt play fifa because is isnane ..... today i play one game https://imgur.com/a/B2tKUNw i score and he quit game, in next game last for today opponent has seria a team without icons and mertens and insignie (ucl rare) was stronger then…
  • i know that. when i listening youtube while play i turn of wifi on smartfone and using my internet on phone. but and that is not rule, when they turn on torents so your internet can be fastet on planet and ping is 125ms. but i hate when is ping 32-4…
  • just fifa servers is terrible, because NFS Heat is same from EA and works fine no laging
  • its not you its them. ea let them doing that because they love money so much, but not players and every update is like horror movie when you think that cant be much worst they can do even worster update, dont play any more UT its a .... of game. how…
  • they need to fire their developers because dont work job for what get paid. http://imgur.com/a/D6hgNNz they will score that but one on one with goalkeeper will miss the whole goal from 7m its annoying, every update they make is to broke game not to …
  • gameplay is awful this year i was in divisons 4/5 in last three Fifa ut, and this year with the best team that i manage to get with my skills is divison 9, why when they lose 10 in a row with exiting game dont make some kind of ban for players like …
  • EA dont deserve football making games anymore
  • i will try GT sport(after few months 😁) or Dirt 2.0 today
  • they are under ddos attack
  • you can guess one time 😁
  • (Quote) https://www.futbin.com/20/player/47197/Danovis%20Banguero one of best for me
  • and now we lose good 12 hours of play game 😔
  • second time this day 🙄
  • (Quote) we can just dream that will be better only can be worst 😁
  • when will go back online, i cant open on PS and companion app
  • they concere only about money not game aspects
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