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  • (Quote) It's slightly inaccurate to say "since a few editions", it's been happening since FIFA got multiplayer on PC, FIFA 12 for FUT (which is what made it a business and disruptive activity) and since forever in occasional non-FUT matche…
  • (Quote) Or, you know, people that tried playing the game and couldn't because finding a real match took literally hours. And also honest people that couldn't afford anything on the market because coins were so cheap and easy to cheat that any half d…
  • (Quote) Yeah, I mean, why would this be a priority? People in Div1 can't play the game without wasting 20/30 minutes while skipping through bots or can't play at all but who cares, right?
    in PC cheating Comment by mainde July 2017
  • (Quote) It's true that it's easier to mess with games/programs on PC it's absolutely false that the problem can't be solved. There's plenty of cheat/hack-free games. Games can't be directly abused when properly designed and coded.
    in PC cheating Comment by mainde July 2017
  • (Quote) I dissent, everything can be alt tabbed, other games don't have these issues. The FIFA process should react as everything else instead of being this ****. These problems only show how much of an afterthought the PC port is.
  • (Quote) Ah, yes, sure, sorry. Everyone shut up, no need to voice our problems, this guy has our answer right there. Let's not complain at all about it, that will surely work out in our best interest.
    in PC cheating Comment by mainde July 2017
  • It makes no sense to switch to console for just one game, I haven't bought the last 3 games and very likely I won't buy/play this one too unless we're given some reassurances that cheating will be properly fought this year.
    in Pc players Comment by mainde July 2017
  • (Quote) It is indeed but some not-even-that-clever server side logic would be able to spot them in just a bunch of matches, making the activity not profitable. It's really absurd that nothing has been done so far (afaik, at least). After all, cheat…
    in PC cheating Comment by mainde July 2017
  • (Quote) Nah, no one related to EA has ever asked nor cared about my opinion/expertise. Many others and I in multiple occasions have suggested feasible and powerful ways to cut down the prominent forms of cheating, in vain. I have no idea of what's…
  • (Quote) Exposure on other media and social media is even less likely to happen if the community forum does not highlight the issue as much as possible. I don't care about @Rob ignoring the issue, I care about people casually surfing this place that …
  • I think that there are not enough cheating threads. A clean forum, with maybe a single thread about cheaters, would not convey the message to people who don't know how disgusting and broken the PC version of FIFA has always been. It's vital to sen…
  • (Quote) Been there, done that in 2012, 13 and 14.
  • (Quote) You are absolutely right, per-se it's not that expensive but it's still not rewarding for them otherwise they would have done it already. They are not evil on purpose, it's money. This game's multiplayer model and implementation have always…
  • (Quote) Your logic is not flawed but it does not take in account that, business speaking, the PC version of FIFA is an afterthought. Mainly because:* Consoles have an immensely larger user base. I'd say that even a 200-300% increase of the PC userb…
  • (Quote) Since FIFA 12, so a little more than 5 years.
  • (Quote) It's not hard, it's expensive. And it's expensive because it costs more than what they are expecting to gain by tackling the problem. Some reasons for that are: A] people buy the game anyway B] people buy the game anyway C] people buy the g…
  • (Quote) It's not hard, it's just not profitable. Fixing it for good is expensive and ea is already swimming in money because people buy the game nonetheless.
  • (Quote) Reality proves you wrong, there's enough money to justify farming on a massive scale. Cheating is so inexpensive that even just a few hundreds euros or dollars is more than enough in a 2nd or 3rd world country to profit from it.
  • (Quote) Communication to EA servers uses SSL, there's no space for a man in the middle unless the console is jailbroken. It would have already been done otherwise.
  • (Quote) Tangible evidence is not always available and the reliability of the information must be checked too as evidence could be forged. The "no naming and shaming" rule is required even in a situation where we have this many cheaters. …
  • (Quote) It's PC, and it's due to the fact that the game is designed for consoles.
  • (Quote) For the casual viewer who doesn't know about the issue (new players, people switching over, people just checking out the PC section, etc) a forum with one thread where cheaters are discussed is an order of magnitude less useful than a forum …
  • (Quote) It doesn't really matter, the problem needs visibility within the community itself AND it need to be blatantly obvious for whoever may happen to read. Especially if this is just a community forum then the best service for the community is n…
  • (Quote) While this makes the forum cleaner it actually hurts the cause a lot. It's major critical and chronic problem, we already don't have the numbers to make something happen. For a casual viewer and for the EA guys who need to take decisions on…
  • (Quote) Sigh.. :( I know what punkbuster is and I have a pretty decent understanding of how cheating in FIFA works. "Watchdog" types of anti cheat software are expensive to develop and maintain, plus they can be worked around easily eno…
  • It's a design flaw, protecting the game client leads nowhere, it needs serverside intervention. :(
  • Smettetela, dai, behave yourselves.
  • (Quote) Since FIFA 13, because divisions did not exist in 12. Tournament finals were unplayable in 12. :blush:
  • (Quote) From FIFA13 but it's the same thing, basically you can't play.

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