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  • No, they are tied to the totw that was live when you played FUT champs.
    in TOTW Pack Comment by macman85 5:20AM
  • Press or second man press just make my players run off in random directions half the time. They only work as intended if connection is perfect. Even in squad battles they're useless as squad battles seems to be linked more to connection quality this year or something? I've certainly had some awful stuck in the mud or ice…
  • Still in div 7 but managed to save enough coins to do it for the first time. Played qualifiers on Saturday and the quality of opponents was mixed (some pace merchants, some very good players who destroyed me). I managed to qualify with 1 game to spare. Actual champs were pretty relaxed surprisingly. Maybe because I didn't…
  • Matchmaking isn't division based. Some dude I played was 3-0 up after 10 mins and I quit. Messaged him out of interest and it turns out his in the elite division. I'm in div 7...
  • Getting battered too against teams with reds in them. I'm losing interest in this game, it's just so weird to play. Defending is all over the place but my opponent is perfect every time. Also 300% faster than early access. So frustrating to play. At least in the past FIFA I could boot the game up and know somewhat how the…
  • November last year from memory but they were carp. Way worse than FIFA 20 and I fear that's the trend SBC wise based on what we've had so far. Expect them to be all untradeable mixed player packs or something with 1 rare in them!
  • Gameplay always favours one team one half and the other during the second half. I'm reasonably sure it goes by who gets the first kickoff based on my experience in friendlies. At least there you can get an early disconnect if you get a couple in early doors. So often in rivals I've been 2 or 3 down at half time only to…
  • Just buy his gold card - the difference will be negligible. An 84 for 77 gold players. Madness I like his gold card but I'm not wasting 77 players on him.
  • Just did a test against a bronze team on world class and their 50 odd pace CB on the wing beat cuadrado for pace. Are they boosting stats on world class now? I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what team you play, they all have mad stats or something. Some bronze GK also scored an outside the box screamer into top bins.…
  • Gameplay has been mad for me in squad battles. Tonight's gameplay is nothing like yesterday's. I don't get it - it's a single player mode FFS. Why is it feeling like I'm on an ice rink in squad battles all of a sudden. Just lost 3-0 to a bronze squad on world class. Was beating them on legendary yesterday!
  • What did that dome ever do to you?
  • Tried some squad battles and was banging in 6-8 goals against low chem, low rating teams (how it should be). Lost 8-1 on rivals as I couldn't tackle and team was all over the shop. Less weird touches on next gen which is good.
  • No fixes for the terrible visuals on the series S. Bet they haven't even bothered looking into it despite the 100+ page thread on the technical issues forum.
  • Haven't touched next gen FIFA for a few weeks due to the series S blurryness issue but gave it a shot tonight on squad battles. It was an awful experience as they've pissed about with the sliders or something. Defensive positioning was something I'd expect to see at school pe class (defenders running back, marking no-one…
  • That all looks like a right faff lol. Also score 2 in a game will be a pain if people are gg'ing Also I lost 10 in a row trying to do that bloody silver beast card. I think I've accidentally got myself to too high a division in rivals.
  • They can alter sliders without patching. They are meant to announce it when they do but they didn't announce it when they changed things up during the early access week. Used to be a nice slow pace and then it got quicker (and more glitchy). Haven't played for a few days as it might as well have been fifa 21 with pinged…
  • Checking in
  • Seems to only be on certain collisions for me. Some kind of excessive calculations going on or something? I've had it a few times in squad battles and one draft where I embarrassingly lost to atletico on professional difficulty.
  • I actually enjoy squad battles on world class (next gen) - the ai actually attacks and doesn't often go to the corner, pass back and 🎃🎃🎃🎃 about for a bit. Scoring is generally tougher but my tip is to carve out clear cut chances to an open man when in the box.
  • I cancelled my preorder in the end as the only thing EA understands is money. They've stayed silent on the issue despite multiple threads on the technical issue forum. I've also reached out on Twitter and heard nothing. To cancel your preorder log on to the Microsoft store via a web browser, click your avatar and select…
  • Played 5-6 hours this evening on the series S. The good + Slower and resembles football - no more dumb skill glitch through defenders + Goalkeepers are improved + Long passing has improved + Tackling is much better despite occasionally having its moments (not as many as fifa 21) + Through balls are properly defended and…
  • Definitely worse than fifa 21. It was slightly noticeable in fifa 21 but I'd say this looks worse than some Xbox one games I've played. Even games without the s|x logo on them.
  • If last year is anything to go by it'll be Jay Rodriguez or Troy Deeney! From watching a couple of streams I saw passing is still crap and the Tekken style skill move spam isn't as effective (thankfully) so long balls to a big target man who knocks it on to Adam Armstrong is the answer! Lukaku may fit the bill but probably…
  • It isn't released until 6pm. To download you'll need to find it via the Xbox app on your phone (there may be a way to do it via your console, but I'm not sure on that one). Also, I'm not sure if preloading allows you to do the trial or if you need to download a separate version at 6pm.
  • On Xbox series S I had to download it via my phone app. Hopefully what I downloaded works at 6pm today and I don't have to download some trial version too!
  • As others have said we're going from 99 pace blinged out mega teams to at best a bunch of rare golds with pace around 80-90 (mostly lower). Of course it looks slower! In all honesty, I'd like it to slow down a bit and become less of a button combo street fighter game. All I want to know is have they fixed the passing? It…
  • I'm waiting to see what happens 6pm tomorrow when the trial starts. I pre-ordered via the menu of fifa 21 and have gamepass ultimate. The trial should start then and after that full access (should) be available on the 27th was it? As for the download, I believe there is only one executable. How they then grant certain…
  • A week Friday (so they leave packs 6pm BST, 10th August).
  • I've literally just bought a series s on Friday. My processor died (I think, spent £50 on cheaper solutions that didn't work). Rather than spend the hundreds on a new processor, that may or may not work, I took the plunge on the series S. Downloaded the X|S version of fifa and haven't had any issues finding matches. I…
  • Whoever said remove objectives is mad - that's the whole point of FUT for me. Build a team to complete objectives (since I'm never going to be div 1/top 100). However, I'd like objectives to be less of a slog. No more score in 10 odd games. Stick to 5 or 6 like older FIFA's.
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