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  • What a result. Pleasantly surprised with that. We've absolutely handed it to last season's champions. This could finally be the platform to a safe and steady season. Its a shame Wesley couldn't get his hat trick with that missed penalty, but that g…
  • Its time to start worrying. We can't beat Burnley at home, so who are we going to beat? I don't understand it either, most of these sides aren't much better than what we faced in the Championship, so how are we struggling all of a sudden with a much…
  • Got to win against Burnley at home. We drop any points and I'll be very concerned. These are the sort of matches we should be winning.
  • I think you're being a bit harsh on Wesley @Farlz, I still feel he'll come good, he just needs to adjust to the speed of the Prem. Benteke didn't take long, sure, but the game has definitely developed significantly in the last 7 or so years. I agre…
  • Its not the first time we've been robbed. Pretty sure we got done against West Brom last season or the season before.
  • Big result in the League Cup in midweek, even against minnows like Crewe. Its like we were City in disguise. :D Wrapped for Mings. Its the least the guy deserved. 20 odd mil was an absolute steal, United spent around 80 mil for Maguire and I'm not…
  • Fantastic result considering the amount of chances Everton had. Wesley took his opportunity well and happy for El Ghazi to add a little bit of icing at the end. Bring on Palace next.
  • Definitely not the result we were after. We need to beat Everton next or things could already start to get grim.
  • A bit upsetting to lose but it was pretty much inevitable against a Spurs side like that away from home in our first game back in the big time with a bunch of players having their first game. At least we didn't let them have a clean sheet. This lea…
  • Also where's Guilbert?
  • Hourihane starting. Taylor preferred over Targett. Bit concerned. :worried:
  • I too hope its a good season and I share the same concern about our striker situation. I really think we needed an extra one to cover for Wesley, I honestly expected Maupay to come in at some point to end Smith's raid on players he managed at Brentf…
  • Fully expected to get beat against quality German opposition. Its a nice surprise to see us win. That caps off a perfect pre season, I don't think we've ever come into a new season without a draw or loss. Drawing nothing but positives right now. C…
  • Hope you're right @Farlz, I just don't see it now that we're in the Prem. I don't think we would spend over 10 mil on a player and sit him on the bench.
  • With Nakamba's arrival it will be interesting to see what Dean does with the midfield. I'm thinking Douglas Luiz with Nakamba and Grealish in more advanced roles, McGinn has got some competition now. As much as I'd like to see him start against Tot…
  • I was hoping Jed was going to get a crack. So much for that. Our track record of signing decent keepers of late has been shocking, I hope this isn't another mistake. Heaton has Prem experience so I guess thats a positive. Personally would have pref…
  • Another big signing through the door. This is so great. I only wish for one more after this. It would be amazing if we brought in another striker, Maupay or Sturridge please.
  • I can't believe we signed him for a fee in the region of 3 mil. Hes quite possibly our biggest bargain buy of all time.
  • How we're going about our business right now is absolutely insane, I've never seen anything like it before. Bringing in player after player and spending what seems like an infinite amount of money. I have a feeling that Douglas Luiz will be a speci…
  • We've got strike power all over the park now. Just need to get Douglas Luiz in and I'll be confident we can stay in the Prem, and possibly exceed expectations.
  • So refreshing to see a proper right back in a Villa line-up for once. We have every right to be excited this time around. This feels like a completely new era.
  • Another centre back. Not really what we need right now but at least we're making sure we've got plenty of cover at the back.
  • What a few days it has been. Can't help but feel a bit of optimism. This is easily the best succession of business we've had since I can remember. The deadwood is gone, our new additions are promising young players and we've got our key loan player…
  • Not too convinced with Targett. Guy wouldn't be much of an upgrade to Taylor, they're both very similar with their basic style of play. He does however have age on his side, and if he gets any better he'll be worth more in the future. Fingers cross…
  • I would of thought we'd get Mings sorted first before considering Hause, I'll be very upset if we don't do it.
  • I always knew we would beat Derby if we got them in the final. I really think it would have been a completely different story if we had to face Leeds. Its great to be back. It was utterly depressing being in the Championship for three seasons. Just…
  • Big game coming up. Pretty confident but not going to get too carried away. I hope that this time we get the job done. UTV!
  • I'm so happy that we play Derby in the final. I fancy our chances a lot more now.
  • I'm quietly confident that we'll get past WBA, its Leeds that worry me. I hope Derby somehow take them out, I know who I'd rather play in the final.
  • One of the most bizarre games of football I've ever seen. El Ghazi's red card has to be rescinded.

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