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  • Chavez76 you lika too lick ea **** evry day?
    in servers Comment by krill July 21
  • ea you could rename wl too ping pong soccer :)!
    in wl Comment by krill June 22
  • congratz ea you have out down your self a new weekend servers are crapy as always! over 1 million player complayn about same thing when the **** will you wake up and fix things?
  • I say now before this wl have begin! they will extend the wl! ea are not fix the servers and they will crash friday night again:)! beucase the tots coming out! and the weekly objetics bug will take them at least 3 weeks too fix! and the 100 k pack w…
  • (Quote) Sounds like it bugged out after that then i get finisih last night!
  • Have they say any thing about when they will fix the bugg on perfectionist?
  • Hello my name is kootropali from Ea chat please pay the bill of 5000 usd and we will look into the weekly objetic !
  • Ea servers is the biggest Joke and their solutions on the problem are like a 5yeards old have fix it!
    in serverproblems Comment by krill May 6
  • Fantasic answer Ea you will make all your customer choice too begin play Pes if you threat wl like this!
    in serverproblems Comment by krill May 6
  • ea how will you handle this wl? servers cras friday you extend too monday hole sunday server down again! how about take some of your profit and buy new servers?
  • (Quote) i have a lot of players some icons too on fifa 18
  • The Ea servers are usless ! Ea dont you ever take some money and fix this ****?
    in servers Comment by krill March 19
  • (Quote) Your comments make me wanna
  • no way you all are joke whit me ! Is it bs whit weekend leuge:)! And are ea servers bad! Hello Im kotropalli from Ea how can i help you? Let me bbe ask you a few question first doo you play with wifi or cable? Do you play with fiber or mobile intern…
  • And Ea make sure too downgrade your servers when next gen consoll have comming soo you are like allways suck like pro hooker!
    in fifa 20 Comment by krill February 24
  • yeah next gen they sad the same when you should shift from ps3 too ps4 the next gen fifa will blow your mind! And now next gen again:)! Ea will never done a good work ! That means they have too work and are Ea famous too work now they are famous bec…
    in fifa 20 Comment by krill February 24
  • ea our servers are terribele dont you ever fix your usless crap server you **** monkey company
  • (Quote) JamieT96 does it make the forum moore helpful with your troll comment? let him be happy for a winning streak! Beacuse you suck on fifa and never win a game you dont have the troll other thats win!
    in WL start Comment by krill January 25
  • (Quote) taka stick and sit on and **** of
    in wl explain Comment by krill January 25
  • Rupercht are you drunk ? you dont see if you are home or away team before the match begin
    in wl explain Comment by krill January 25
  • (Quote) Yes probably but i still hope the do it differnt this year
    in Toty Comment by krill January 7
  • Hope they realse all at same time ! So that all pack that i save up will be opening:)!
    in Toty Comment by krill January 7
  • its nothing wrong on the servers ea are you the best company in the world too provide servers for specifik wl! no player in the world have ever hade problems with a weekend leuge match it allways the customers isp that is wrong if you ask ea
  • Hello kotropoli from Ea here its nothing wrong with our servers can you follow me 4 step too check out your on internet do you play wifi or with cable? have you buy at least fifa points for 2000 usd ? have you shut down your console and power up you…
  • (Quote) exatly this im sick and tierd of with that if you wanna make decent result i wl you must play late night specif sunday night! But hi they have made a game thier evry body compet on same fairness **** ea ab
  • Ea goo and **** your self in the **** and make the servers moore terrible in wl its not enough bad yet soo i bag you realse minum 5 moore title update and make the game moore broken then its all ready is! And pls let it be some moore bs lotto goals …
  • (Quote) Move too sweden so can we see what you say then:)
  • (Quote) It could potentially come a free prime icon free from ea before 31 dec too Lambo:) :) Ea are you famus for the briljant sharing and not grinch getting paid for evry thing company
  • (Quote) Yeah the also tried doo have decent servers and still not getting hang on it !
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