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  • lucas moura and raul had new faces on switch first before they were updated. bald faces are typically placeholders for scans iirc? papu and hwang hee chan seem like customs as well and for them to be removed i would hope they are going to be replaced by scans, would not be out of the realm of possibility imo. and yes…
  • also there are a couple of leeds players that seem to be in needs of upgrades Bamford being the exception as he is on a tear and deserves a dark green potential certainly heres hoping for those scans
  • so papu gomez+zapata are bad or just decent customs but manolas seems like a scan, new body types for the other napoli players, as well as bennacer FO4 face. Napoli and ACM scans maybe
  • would it really? because if i follow you correctly the much improved faces some modders create are on account of licensed images EA are not able to use but they could bring on a few people from the community on the art team, and have the people doing the scanning revert to the old method (regarding instances where they…
  • EA have just issued a press release in response to your comment, allow me to summarize. “No”
  • what is all this about jimenez and lucas updates for switch 😂😂 i’ve just seen the Vapex video about sofifa updates now this knobheads 😭 a farce
  • i have just purchased the game, downloading now, has the edit player feature in CM been streamlined and made more efficient by chance? i plan on starting with chelsea, might share my team selection once im done i dont know why i am like this honestly lol, but i need every player with proper scan and boots before i begin.…
  • i just think that every attempted messi face has been truly shambolic considering how many years they had opportunity to give him real scan as coverstar yet he has only had less and lesser quality customs every year since FIFA 14
  • that's a bit cynical, it was quite the accomplishment at the time but it would be easy for EA to outdo themselves in that regard. but of course the question is whether they will or not
  • yes. and will pay extra on top of that for kits, boots, etc.
  • there is a pattern of players receiving customs before being scanned, I actually suspect that EA often uses low render versions of their scan data to make these "customs" before finishing the actual starheads, so I believe that the likes of Lautaro and Zapata among others may get actual scans this year, and maybe in an…
  • ultimate team was the worst thing to happen to EA Sports and microtransactions in general have nearly ruined sports video games This is why its important to support Konami and FM
  • would say that chelsea have the best kits in the prem this season, followed by palace and liverpool. don't know where the west brom shirt fits in there :D for me
  • zaniolo/diawara, embolo, matondo, joao pedro, nelson/martinelli, madueke, florentino luis
  • this whole situation is ridiculous, first of all you shouldn't be able to profit from a silly thing such as this, I'm not in opposition to anyone trying to do that but in reality how much credit do you deserve for simply sharing images you spent zero time obtaining or creating? Anyone from this thread with a beta code will…
  • bringing jeff reine adelaide back to the emirates
  • there were a great many faces added in patch updates this year to the point where it makes no sense claiming that the beta is final version of anything. and i will be interested to see which scans are being done at the last minute as with atleti for FIFA 20
  • for anyone that wants to see the new faces send me a dm with requests or i will show you my source, whichever you want.
  • 1. premier league 2. bundesliga 3. la liga 4. ligue 1 5. serie a that is just based off of what's been confirmed to be in the game, if there is a full ligue 1 scan, they would become #1. most playable league for next year assuming that only the newly promoted sides would have less than a minimum of 10-12 players scanned…
  • if there is no Ligue 1 scan it would just make Perrin's FO4 face appear to be some kind of sick joke. bone crunching tackle on our coverstar, ok you deserve a face now, never mind that you are retiring.
  • based off of the wording, if i had to guess i would say that there has been a full Ligue 1 scan and a bunch of Serie A scans which are being held back for FIFA 22 with some (ACM/Inter/Torino) appearing in 21.
  • What you talking about man onana has decent scan
  • For what its worth im having more fun with my attacking trio of bale , kun aguero and salah then I’ve ever had with any career mode . De bruyne and havertz providing service , a defensive partnership of zagadou and upamacano which should last me 10+ in game years . but ea is a multi billion dollar company and i will never…
  • cry harder you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . Tell me more about how we’re complainers as you complain about something that’s almost ( but not quite ) as inconsequential as your own existence if i knew i had immunity from getting banned i would write “give Erling Håland a scan “ 600 times consecutively . But maybe as a gift from me to you i…
  • Victor oshimen , camavinga , said benrahma . Please ea sports
  • Why don’t you just get good at the game. Instead of leaving paragraphs nobody will read on these forums you could hop back on the game and try to adapt. But I guess you rage quit and forfeited $60 bucks for no real reason other than you being a whiny little kid. oh well
  • I still haven’t bought the game yet, the talk of career mode bugs has scared me away for now What are the major issues with CM? I am mainly wondering if the top players not starting glitch has been fixed, and if you are still able to use custom rosters as that has always been my workaround for the annoying aspects of the…
  • Sources saying the November update has been pushed back to 11th December and will be comprised of 2 new scans for a pair of academy lads from SC paderborn, and a Mubarak wakaso rescan . Nothing further until FIFA 21

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