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  • Nah, it's no Qualifying round. Only the top 5 teams of Dritte Liga get automatic cup slots. Like in reality, i assume. They're also skipping one round ahead in the game. Because IRL, the lot is filled with several winners of regional cups. Mostly non-professional 4th or 5th tier teams.
  • Is noone going to talk about how the minute we're getting Juventus back, that Club is diving head first into it's next scandal, running the risk of being relegated out of the game? Agnielli at it again.
  • what colour are the japanese numbers ingame?
  • They don't NEED to do anything. People still buy the game in its current state. However, they CAN spread out all scans they did over two games to give them more leverage in delivering content over one game's cycle, in order to appear hard-and-continuously-working but actually don't do as much. You guys continue to mistake…
  • >> EA when are you going to show my face in the game" said Nuñez. #FIFA23 << then again, i cant find the video and am not sure if thats actually just witcher taking the ❤️❤️❤️❤️, again.
  • he actually said that in an official video released by LFC and EAsports? just proves that ea is using timed face releases throughout a games lifecycle for promotional purposes. scam energy. they do not deserve our money.
  • because noone in this forum here is ever happy.
  • that's not a club
  • This. The level of rage, entitlement and denial of reality expressed by many here is laughable.
  • there never was a deal to begin with, hence the generic national team.
  • I mean, I can only speak for what i noticed among german clubs, but yeah, actually Clubs here have self-imposed isolation rules, covid-protection means and team appearance standards, voluntarily. Some are more strict than others. Players have been fined internally for breaking these rules. And I would assume they can even…
  • As was argued before, our personal preferences really don't matter here. No matter how much we moan and complain. All our frustration is simply based on marketing decisions. We are all already Fifa players, buyers, or at least excited for the yearly new issue, considering a purchase. We've adopted the product. To the…
  • this. this truth probably ends all discussion on this thread. unfortunately.
  • overestimate. as if they would act logical and sensible. ..because they dont
  • you seem to really overestimate football fans. they'd show up buttnaked in orange grease on a cold rainy night in stoke.
  • "Real Face: No -> Yes" on Sofifa. So worst we can expect is a Lonwijk/Boonen situation.
  • Fifawitcher is a crook. Dont read too much into their posts.
  • Please dont bring up NBA2K as a good example to aspire to, anymore. While that might have been true up to 2k11, I wouldn't want EA to assume we'd like to have a football game more similar to 2k22 or 2k23. Over the past few games they've massively dialed down their presentation and broadcasting packages, immersion and…
  • Another example for this. Frankfurt played Bayer today, with FFM in their regular white&black home kit. Leverkusen had to switch to an all-red kit, as their regular black shorts wouldve clashed. We. Need. Separate. Kit. And. Short. Selection.
  • Arent they planning a FUT-style game? So for me as a career mode player nothing about that game intrigues me.
  • Oh, that's surprisingly positive news. So they are still able to find workarounds, to keep faces in game, who are with different teams (like, remember Matias Normann?). Why doesnt this work with other players/coaches in (a potential) Free Agents list, one has to wonder?
  • i assumed Real Madrid B is not in the game?
  • "Fully licensed" in Germany doesnt mean the same as in England. The DFL doesnt own virtually everything that appears in its context, like the BPL. Hence, for example Clubs like Bochum or Fürth individually need to make deals regarding their stadiums.
  • They won't. Full stop. There are no Bundesliga managers in the game.
  • Hasenhüttl rumoured to be sacked. I swear the possibility of choosing him for a manager career is the last straw I'm clinging to, for buying the game on a bargain in 2 months. without him i'm not even going for the game at all. I still don't understand why they don't create a pool of free agent managers... but well.…
  • We have this wrong shorts colour discussion every year. Last year with Bielefeld. The teams in the German Bundesliga (1.&2.) always have designated 'home' or 'away' shorts and thats what EA relies on, but they sometimes opt to wear different shorts. So you'll see Dortmund in the home kit with black shorts, or sometimes all…
  • id rather have a fake with a scan, than a generic imagined brazilian
  • Yeah, I'm actually baffled, people still seem to think sofifa is in some shape or form an official EA marketing channel.
  • "coming soon" is such a vague choice of words tho, innit? But yeah, could be. I'm not sure if they're wearing last season's outfits in the pictures. Like BVB and Leverkusen did when they published their scanning session pics. If the pictures from Bremen are recent, however, I dont expect any implementation before December.
  • Well the way theyre phrasing it in German in that post would usually be read as this being something done for "the future", as opposed to Fifa 23. So I'm not a 100% convinced that they did this for any early stage Fifa23.

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