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  • I apologize for my English. More precisely, for the translator of words. It's just as bad as the delay)) I'm not an expert in this industry. But the interest comes from time to time to find out how it works. Every time I try to improve my connection. I finally realized that this is impossible. Everything is curl-only…
  • I use players for sbc that I can sell on the market in the hope of getting a good card. Even if it's a good card, you don't need it. And it is impossible to sell this card. You can get a card that you don't need and sell it. And use these coins to buy another player for the team. Why do SBCs that are not sold. I don't…
  • Thank you for the video. But will the chemistry remain if you switch the game scheme in the game?
  • Marco Verratti frieze LW / Sorry I didn't know. It may be interesting here))
  • Marco Verratti is an Italian player. How will he help me? Kante, Marco Verratti, Messi. These are different leagues and citizenship. I don't understand you.
  • Messi on the PC costs 395K. That's a lot(
  • I've already tried Di Maria and Gomez. Di Maria is weak( No speed and agility I did not see. I was thinking of selling Mbappe. But I realized that I would not take it better for 1 m. k coins for the forward position. I don't know how to play Messi. You need to control it well on the field. I had it in fifa 20. I sold it.
  • 4-5-1 I played with this scheme. But it seems to me that it often loses to other schemes. The center of the field is very open. Of course, this is the best option for connecting players. But I have a David Silva 89 (Record Breaker). I don't want to lose him. He has a great left leg.
  • He has a punch power of 68
  • I don't think it's any better than Di Maria.
  • Talk about Robben? Why did you remember it? I don't need it under LaLiga. I play LaLiga. In sbc, I got mbappe. I want to link it to the players.
  • It's funny! :) Friend but this is already sick and tired! As if there was no sense of competition there. Anger is an element that will be in the game. But what happens in this game is called absurd. They write that they fixed the end of the match during a potential attack. But everything remains in place. Another update.…
  • Where does this knowledge of my age come from? I played in the 80s. Where it was interesting and fun to play. It's gone now. Now it all comes down to monetization. Keep the player in the game and as much time as possible. I see a delay or ea balance at this point. This is what I used to play when I was a kid. Please don't…
  • As for the servers, I agree. It was most likely a delay and the frame was not updated. But we must agree that such moments should be performed (corrected) very seriously (the specific case of the ball passing through the leg). Such things are unacceptable in a game that holds its tournaments with cash prizes. Can you…
  • It turns out that the foot does not see the ball. :D
  • You know, for me, this game is the dirtiest in terms of mistakes. They add new features every year and old bugs are not fixed. This is very disappointing!
  • The frustration of the game is the fault of the developer. It can't be funny. This happens every year. And every year they do not correct these mistakes. Friend. Honestly. It's not funny anymore! Seriously. This" fun " in WL is a huge ocean. You say you're moving on to the next game. I've been playing for four days. And…
  • First of all, I want to thank you for your answer. Thanks! Friend. I know it's a small part))) But you can't stand it anymore! I saw a similar video about the transparency of the players. But I didn't see when the ball goes through two legs))) This already smells like EA's balance sheet. And by the way, very impudent! And…
  • I'm not playing in this tournament anymore! This is a game with a dictator of the game and not a rival! I have a little experience in this game. But I don't understand why in this tournament a pass directly leads to a pass in the other direction. I see it this way: Squad Battles you play without problems at any level.…
  • I support you! I've been playing for the last three days. My team was complete ❤️❤️❤️❤️! My defenses were like cows in a barn. My midfielders didn't want to support the attack. I was setting up tactics for everyone to rush forward. But my team stood on the spot! My players have lost all their agility. My attack also didn't…
  • Friends. Players. Why don't you support this publication? Didn't that happen to you? Have you come to terms with these problems? I lost the win in that match. I'm sure you've had it too.
  • If the car crashes into a wall in this case the wall is to blame? The relationship has if my player made a capture of the opponent. In this case, there was no capture of the opponent. The button was pressed, I do not argue. My defender did it in the course of the movement and not across. EA doesn't understand the rules. In…
  • Это было нарушением и пенальти. Я не понимаю почему советник в этой ситуации даёт нарушение правил. My player did not block the opponent with his actions. The player touched my foot after the kick and I got a penalty.
  • This year, the goalkeeper is absent. EA has broken the balance completely! They made quick passes down the middle and killed the goalkeeper.
  • Thank you bro for your support! I'll tell you more. In this game, I did not see such reflections of the ball impact as in the photo. In this game there are no more than four reflections of the ball's impact
  • Do you think that all players are professionals and YouTubers? You are trying to compare the trunk of an elephant with the trunk of a fly
  • They watch my matches from 19, 20, 21 parts. For this company, this is the norm!
  • Solidarity. The statement that the origin is not in the network. Although there are no problems with this. I don't have the strength anymore.

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