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  • (Quote) yeah, i played all version besides his potm on 7 and 10 chem and i must say there is nobody like him. he has unique animations and therefore feels more agile than other players with same height/weight/dribbling stats. and his special versio…
  • I rearranged the team and just bought Cancelo FBD, Hazard FBD and Maxim FBD ... and must say wow. Hazard feels completely like pele baby. In terms of dribbling, shooting and passing. But his price is half of pele and definitely worth it! Maxim is a…
  • (Quote) I have done quaresma (i like him on full chem more than as sub) and now i am running him with CR7, hagi moments and ribery in a team. ribery is a bit underwhelming for the price, but hagi is just WOW. did anyone tried joao felix yet? maybe…
  • Neymar gold is pure enjoyment
  • he was ok. i bit expensive for the whole package imho. with anchor he could not shoot at all and his 4 star skills were useless. the M/H workrates were great and his WF was very much apprechiated.
  • I now played 20 online games in PES since friday and must say: wow. Completely different feeling. In FIFA i have mastered some special repetitive movements and tactics. Ingame it is more like ping pong, with the losing site to rage quit at a high pe…
  • (Quote) The special versions of Marcelo are both very very good in defense. But pogba has still this special attitude ingame :smile:
  • now imagine: all games you play are with a significant amount of lag. if you go 2 goals up, they are quitting. if you go 2 down you are quitting. if you win by 1, it was stressful as hell. if you lose by 1, you get salty by losing to a weaker opp…
  • (Quote) this can not be true.... the only interesting fifa stream in weeks. not one "competetive" champions stream was worth watching this season. and they burn Kurt again. disgusting at least.
  • he has 2600+ monthly subscribers and yesterday a peak of 18.000 live viewers. man, he has to show some fifa to the folks. using some points to draft is not feeding the lion :wink:
  • Shapeshifter Mendy with Anchor is currently the real deal for me. Fast, strong, 5 star WF and 4 star skills. Great passing. Just lacks shooting, but i have 5 other people for that.
  • Gullit is a powerhouse and the center of a team. You will definitely feel the difference when he is on the pitch. He is involved in defense and offense, you want this position maxed out. So go for him.
  • Nobody mentioned 89 Ederson. He is a real monster for me. 500 Games now and counting. Pretty similar to Ter Stegen and Mid Yashin. Ultra fast reflexes. Great rushing. Good enough kicks and passes. Chem Style: BASIC
  • (Quote) marcelo is just so good at at LB or CDM and i can't see me upgrading him for 1.4kk. this price is just immense.. maybe when he drops to 1kk at tots... This weekendleague i have put him back to LB with balanced instructions. he and maradona…
  • @Chewbaccary oh man ... nice one! it is too pricy for me, as i have hopes to get his TOTS in 2 months. I want some more physical stats and stamina to play him at cam. Currently I dont want to sell my pele and maradona anymore. their baby versions…
  • I expected a lot from TOTY kante and TOTY De bruyne. Both did not fit my style of play. I just stick with Futmas Acuna and SBC Battaglia for CM and CDM and got baby pele and baby maradona instead for offense. Just so much more fun.
  • if you gonna like skillmoves i can suggest any version of garrincha instead of messi. otherwise, everything is great. R10 is a real CCAM.
  • try to save for base pele (with hawk) he is just awesome as an fast, agile and clinical striker. otherwise i can advice to get base del piero.
  • (Quote) yep. i pretty much like Maradona in any version. For his size he is pretty strong and aggressive. That helps a lot. His prime is really really good and super fun. An offensive allrounder and the best skilled left footer in the game. His sh…
  • (Quote) i personally like Pele Baby very much. Pretty nice player model, really heavy and accurate shot with HAWK on both feet. Fast skill execution due to his smaller height and weight. Strong link with Neymar Gold and Firmino Scream (you know, ou…
  • (Quote) i can remember that the vinicious card from last year was very good but around 1kk. lets hope that felix will be not much more.... Headliner Promo was crazy, I bought that neymar for around 4kk and sold all my icons for him and dembele, sa…
  • I did not felt that the upgrade of varane to his HL was worth the big price tag. maybe after 2 upgrades (winter refresh + 4 wins) it will be more noticeable.
  • RTTF dembele for 1kk to pair him up with Neymar HL upfront in 442 ... what a crazy good pair they are! moved mbappe now out on the wing.
  • subs get 5 chem, and will get slight boosts from the chem style. just check it in squad menu by tapping L3 on your player and go into attributes tab.
  • i personally would go with a H/H player, preferably skillful. H/M would work too. This would be my search criteria:,0&…
  • i like to play with my battaglia. tonalli feels a bit stiff and doesn't contribute offensively.
  • baby makele and baby okocha are both pretty good for their value. (less than 200k)
  • just imagine barca wins first game agains neapel and proceeds to next round ... that dembele will be HUGE .. i mean HUGE. I now have RTTF Dembele and previously had garrincha middle. Garrincha is pretty small and got lost a lot of times in offense.…
  • depends on you, your coins, your players ... tell us more

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