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  • I think thats the issue, aswell trying to improve, do things differently but everyday the game feels different.
    in At a loss.. Comment by joehuk May 24
  • absolute abomination tonight in div rivals. feel like all my players are running with boulders as football boots. i've turned it off, not even fun. checking my match history Jitter seems awfully high compared to normal, pre this week i was hovering around 0.5ms. every match this weekend has been 0.9+ average 1.1ms and 5ms…
  • this the only bit of content we got? lol zzz fyi i got the 88 rated CM worth 20k <3
  • I had a game last night where I won 4-3 after extra time. How it finished. Literally box was packed hence the high possession looking for opening. Yes he had decent amount of shots from counters but still he was bailed out so bad by his GK, auto blocks. He was a decent player and it was a good game but goals I conceded…
  • My team is mainly icons despite having better special cards, they just feel better overall. Dele beats prime gullit in terms of stats. But much prefer gullit, yes Dele is great but gullit different gravy for me. Tried loads of new right backs... gone back to prime carlos Alberto R10 moments won't be replaced lol
  • Did some more this morning on app... De Jong best pull ..absolute awful weight on these upgrades.
  • This weekend all shots green or not were blocked or superman GKs saved them. Really was an awful WL.
  • Given up doing them for today absolutely awful weight on them :joy: though if bundes is anything to go by BBVA is going to be even worse.. not sure how they made EPL decent but bundes,bbva absolutely awful. epl and Bundes i sent similar amounts Bundes: Neuer Kostic frimpong x3 EPL: Cancelo x2 Ruben Dias Bruno x2 TAA x2…
  • ok these upgrade packs are horrendous. done a mix of 80+, Premium 20+ 1xde tomas....
  • picks were meh this week #1 Munain, De tomas, canales (No suprise) #2 Munain, Courtios, Acuna Took acuna as I got Courtios normal untradable. packs no walkout :joy:
  • Fought through horrible gameplay 49/51 with 4 games left but giving them away
  • that 80+ BBVA is meh did about 10... nothing to note.
  • Haha never seen this happen tbh I can't imagine playing so many single player drafts tho to see how possible it is. Every draft I've done offline never had anything over Jumbo premium gold pack :joy: this was when I also beat them on legendary to test out rewards.
  • I think what he's saying is playing professional is pointless In terms of end reward When beginner draft win offers same as ultimate draft win. Another stupid system by EA. Beat ultimate draft and earn yourself a premium gold pack and Jumbo premium gold pack Beat beginner by putting your controller down and earn same…
  • Tbh I don't like this card one bit.. Last two teams I built with him in his positioning is all over the place in defense lol yes he's strong and pretty fast but his AI positioning is dreadful. Dropped him again, built another team for tonight's WL attempts
  • This game is making me rage something chronic. Think I'll skip ligue1 and serieA and play one more during ultimate and stop. Game is not good for my mental health. How the AI can bail people out so badly is beyond me. Not even sure of my record but it's the worst yet.
  • I did it thought sod it way yo expensive and don't wanna buy new players from market. Bloody xavi... could of been worse 400k card from 650k sbc tho did cost me 200k + fodder.
  • Haha EA out of touch ? 2x89 2x88 for an 93+ moment icon.
  • Exactly what I'm doing while watching F1 and prem at 16:00.. Upto 15 games play so far lol
  • You have until Wednesday morning :) with the new tots format Not started playing anymore games after my disaster two losses last night. Afking offline drafts while I watch F1 then prem football :)
  • Kostic... had his normal tots untradable, so 90 rated fodder i guess.
  • First time this year I've instantly turned the console off and not gone back on later. Never lost my first two games.. :joy: hitting the post 5 times in the second game for him to score his first goal on the counter was enough for me Will try again sometime today if I can even be bothered yesterday was shocking.
  • Console off. Two games in a row lost... Second game just turned it off. Diabolical performance by me and the team... hitting the post, none existent marking, CBs parting like red sea.. can't select my players properly, superman keepers and my GK is a wet fish. Cba putting myself through this tonight.
  • Lost my first game :joy: Constant pressure second man press was to much guys AI wad tackling for him none stop not sure how but yeah. In my second game I've hit the post 4 times.. Thinking of calling it tonight not in mood for this.
  • have they actually gone through with that offer? was honestly thinking that was some 'Joke' lol absolute crazy decision.
  • Kdb CM box2box Modic CM Floating Nkunku cam Patrick CDM Tots Nkunku I've been trying at cam and he's unreal. M/M works perfect for me at CCAM
  • This. 99 cr7 and 99 psg messi were far better than r97 sadly.
    in PIM R9 SBC Comment by joehuk May 21
  • qualified tonight worse performance yet finished at 28 points. had to leave 2games absolute awful delay and lost one to the better player. won't start WL till late saturday or Sunday.
  • just done the 84x25... 7 TOTW 1 TOTS Canales 4 Gold walkouts rest 85-84 not so sure now :joy:
    in TOTS SWAPS HYPE Comment by joehuk May 20
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