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  • They should let us edit numbers of every team in Career Mode, like they let us edit all the players. It annoys me a lot to see players with wrong numbers (in national teams or after a transfer) and it is quite simple to correct. Just let us edit eve…
  • The kit numbers are wrong, too. And everybody knows that in the World Cup ALL THE PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED TO SIT ON THE BENCH! Not only 7, for God sake! Seems like a pretty lazy update, in my opinion.
  • (Quote) So, you're basically doing the same. By "not aiming" like you said, you're automatically aiming in the middle. Just proves my point.
  • (Quote) My mistake.
  • I assume most people commenting play FUT... I know FUT players don't really care about the "simulation of a real match" aspect of the game and want things as neutral as possible. But maybe who plays carrer mode will understand what I mean.
  • (Quote) Semi-finals, finals, high rivalry games... Specially on carrer mode.
  • (Quote) Did you ever see a pleyer getting a booking after losing their minds, right? Remember Zidane? Felipe Melo? Sergio Ramos? Pepe? Gattuso? They all had red cards in EXTREMELLY IMPORTANT matches because of their temper. Great players? Of course…
  • (Quote) CPU barely fouls our players in FIFA 18. What about that tense and hard games and you see your players walking around clueless while CPU just keep the ping pong passing around? Or when you desperately need to score and set All Out On Attac…
  • (Quote) But what about CPU? CPU NEVER gets angry. CPU's players play consistently, no matter what.
  • (Quote) It shouldn't be mysterious. But you'll know: "I have a D-temper player. I should take care when using him during a tense match". I miss having something to simulate the well known "physical" (or even "violent"…
  • (Quote) But it's wrong, do you agree? You HAVE to do this, or you'll miss most of the times. Penalties should be easier to score than to defend, but it's the absolute opposite in FIFA. You'll only score if you're already a good player.
  • (Quote) I’d say 99% of the gks punches waaaay more than catches it! In rainy days it would be 99,9999%. Playing A match in rainy wheather in Fifa affects 0% the GKs performance. And to be honest, the other players are not affected, too.
  • To be honest, I feel it’s not a finished game. It is like when you have a deadline to finish a paperwork and you just focus on the parts that may get you in trouble but do not care at all about the details? It is what Fifa 18 feels like to me. They …
  • If not, they will not care. At all.
  • I’m sure A lot of our suggestions are easy to add... But the question is: will they make more money in FUT with it?
  • (Quote) Yeah... I try different sliders adjustments all the time, too... It seems a little better than the default game, but it’s not completely satisfying at all. And sadly we can’t adjust the sliders when playing online.
  • Sometimes is harder to play against a weak team than playing Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus and others... When I play my league’s rivalry game, their gk (usually not higher than 70ovr) is always on beast mode and plays better than Neuer an…
  • Everytime I see my players bumping into each other and just watching the ball roll away, it makes me want to punch EA’s programmers in the face.
  • I think one of EA’s biggest mistakes is to NERF things instead of IMPROVING our tools to defend them. Things are so much nerfed I feel I’m playing the QWOP runner game, sometimes... The players look like a bunch of drunk guys playing football after …
  • (Quote) It’s true! Good point!
  • (Quote) I haven’t played PES since 2012, but I’m feeling so upset with FIFA since Fifa16 that I’m really considering to give PES another chance next year...
  • The random/dumb positioning is what bothers me the most! Sometimes, the players are so clumsy and weird while running that I feel I’m playing that old QWOP Running Guy Game, do you remember it?? Usually, when I lose, I feel it’s more because of th…
  • Will they update it?
  • Why there is so many players using 16/17 boots? Like Jordi Alba, for example, using some old green adidas?
  • Another thing I noticed: GKs perform always the same in rainy and sunny days. We all know rainy days are bad for GKs!
  • (Quote) This bothers me, too. Brazilians/portuguese/spanish young players have weirdly long names (the longest name I found was João Fernando de Albuquerque e Oliveira!). Swiss young players have all the same names (I had a million of Messerli, Roe…
  • It would be nice to see improvement on how they display the results, too. I'd like to see all the results shown at once after a round. The way they show us now is weird. And i'd like to see better competition's tables, too. They show us the legs re…
  • (Quote) The Board Expectations are another bad thing they add, 'cause it makes no sense! One season I had to develop 3 young players by 10ovr (a LOT, right?) and use them in at least 20 matches in the next season. I did that and developed two pret…
  • I'm sure if EA calls two or three of us to point what to improve in Career Mode we would bring them some great feedback, with easy and cheap changes. But it's not FUT, so screw Career Mode...
  • (Quote) True... It is really annoying how many "talks are broken down". And I absolutely HATE how now you can only offer one specific position when trying to trade players and they will ask a s#!tload of money + your player. The negotiati…
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