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  • I learned from last months after my excitement of packing Mbappe soon disappeared 🤣
  • It wasn't a grind before starting new job i quite enjoy it certainly wasn't burnt out from it, altho part of me can't be bothered to get into it after work another part stops myself because once I do start playing that'll be a few hrs and currently with travelling my work day is 13 hrs by time in amd cooked etc I won't…
  • Had many plans for Fifa Career Mode this year, but I just can't find the time to play now. I nearly upgraded my XB1 but glad I didn't would've been a waste. Its shame as I was glad to get back into CM after taking little break, but the last thing I feel like doing is grinding fifa once I get home from work CM nor FUT and…
  • The sad thing is that if I went full meta I'd still bloody lose majority of my matches 🤣🤣
  • Well, he was born in Leeds so he could get in on a technicality 🤣🤣
  • Altho I've given mine up once I've inevitably failed to qualify I have only ever received 2 one was my first playoffs win (yes I'm that bad) and other time they just scored own goal before me. I sent both messages, the 2nd guy and I were laughing as we had both neither ever qualified and were just gifting wins
  • Last week once I lost 5 games and couldn't qualify I just did own goals. But came up against 2 people who quit before I had a chance. I did message first one, said "luckily I didn't need the win as was just gonna score own goal anyways, but next time don't quit at 0-0 if your not gonna play, never know when you'll get the…
  • Meh, hate doing everything on mobile sometimes. Had 2 game months of update to do wrote loads and somehow deleted it all 🤦‍♂️ I'll get back to it at some point or maybe a basic update when can bring self to do it. I am kinda concerned, keep getting reports of Wrexham Struggles and unrest even if we draw a game, loads of…
  • No that's the compensation for playoffs not working the other day 🤣🤦‍♂️
  • Your right I am extremely satisfied for receiving the easy 2500 season XP objective to compensate for being unable to enter Champs Playoffs the other day. I would've been very disappointed had they given me a poxy baby Pele to trade. 1 very happy Fifa Player 😁
  • So I can fail to qualify 8 times this season yay
  • I'll be honest I was only expecting to get the ones I finished at 90 games in 6 weeks isn't exactly a slog (I lost more than that 🤣) but the wording makes it sound like you got each milestone. So many little mistakes this year before we even get to the big ones. However.... He's not wrong 🤣
  • Could've swore I didn't get mine now I'm def sure didn't, I should've had 400 and only needed 150 more to qualify and I've not
  • Going for 85k now on xbox, I don't get how Sterling has been so much cheaper. Haven't used Mane yet, but Sterling has been sensation and currently can get for way below 30k
  • I can't believe how many contracts I've sold, how do people run out? Some have gone 4-500 coins and some have gone 5k which was a nice boost
  • I've said before I'm not a big fan of this. I ain't half as good as most and went 2 weeks wiyh no rivals rewards because I could not get a win in Div 5. Today has proven how badly people have been lurking there because they have all pushed on for higher end of season rewards it seems as I nearly ended up in Division 3. 1…
  • I'll probably do him over time, we got 50 odd days or something like that
  • That'll be because there were no offsides
  • Well yeah toxicity will never 100% leave but just think separating some of the modes more may help a little
  • I actually quite liked it, only downside was when I finished and went back to Rivals and got a red card in side 5 mins 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
  • Considering they keep changing things day by day whatever they do decide to do maybe different season 3 🤣
  • Not that I'm bitter or anything but please tell me you only have 1k and no tradeable 🤣🤣 I got excited when mine was flashing red, it was Buffon TOTW nvm
  • Tell me about, is so frustrating and fact its low priority as well. They also expect me to reach last 16 of FA Cup which is medium so if we fail to beat Brighton that will probably make it worse. Seen on someone else's career they were required to qualify for Champions League. Ok the finished 8th but won FA Cup and Europa…
  • Great result against PSV and grabbing the winner whilst down to 10 men, sounds like some good tactics there to pull it off. Let's hope the rumours remain just rumours
  • Good to see new arrival reviews gives me something to consider as well. Isak will be a great signing if that one goes through often been a fan of his on Fifa.
  • As The January Transfer Window closes Wrexham find themselves winless in the league so far this year. Is it coincidence that things have turned sour with the loss of Captain Ben Tozer to injury or has their luck just simply run out? Wrexham have managed to progress further in The FA Cup after a thriller with promotion…
  • Sterling just edges it for me 2nd Maddison 3rd Mane
  • I think also last year the friendlies were more friendly certainly not half as toxic and just more fun. Still had its issues, but also I don't feel like it really got going for decent rewards until we got Future Stars.
  • Considering Messi didn't get in last year I don't expect either of Ronaldo, Mbappe or Neymar. I suspect Ronaldo might get the Messi treatment and have an objective to earn a loan card of him.
  • Annoyingly my manager rating is going down purely because i can't complete objective of making £2.6mil profit from youth sells. Sold one for 2.2 and hasn't dented it and only have one other likely to make a decent amount and i don't wanna sell him. Its low priority as well but gone from 96 rating to 80 in few weeks plus…

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