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  • Apparently you can't curse in forums. Absolutely bullspit issue
  • I preordered and happened to not pick up immediately due to schedule. After hearing everything, sounds like there's utterly no point in buying at this point if primary play mode is career.
  • Youth revamp would be really nice. In real life, not like a club is just sitting on training 5 youth players per week to develop. EA should look at MLB The Show and offer similar youth/reserve leagues like The Show does minor leagues. Would provide more realistic youth development. As for the usually harsh youth board…
  • One addition to scouting - it'd be nice to be able to scout in any country they have intl team in the game. If you want to take on a project internationally, some of those nations dry up pretty quick without it (fyrir island!).
  • Transfer negotiations - allow different order for negotiations. it's realistic to offer more money for lesser role, or bigger role but smaller salary, depending on club. current negotiation doesn't allow for that. More realistic player morale. No players saying I'm exhausted, please rest me, then saying the role isn't what…
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