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  • Yes, I find opponents within a few seconds in divisions
  • Unbelievable :D I understood that they didn't want to waste their time with new gameplay but I thought that at least the content would remain the same. Thumbs up for EA for selling the exact same game without legends and SBCs :D
  • No Icons on X360. I could have expected that but it's still quite surprising to me. I'm so happy I didn't preorder
  • No Icons for X360, great. I don't even have to think about buying the game anymore :)
  • I would but FIFA 17 was broken and FIFA 18 is only going to be a squad update. I might change my mind if EA fix the gamebreaking glitch but I don't even have the time to play right now (and I don't even miss FIFA tbh)
  • I wouldn't mind playing a legacy version if the gameplay, server stability, etc. were good. I love the collecting and trading aspect of the game and X360 market is much better for this purpose, that's probably the main reason why I don't want to upgrade to Xbox One. Fut Champions could also ruin my free time completely (I…
  • Personally I wouldn't mind playing the same gameplay two years in a row but FIFA 17 is just unbelievably infuriating game (servers, gangnam, etc.) which is pretty sad because I liked the content and smaller player base.
  • I would love to get Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Henry for my generations but I don't want to want to play a legacy version of a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ game, I don't want to play a version with FUT Champions and most importantly - I don't want to give a single cent to EA anymore. Does anybody know for how long can one use the web app without…
  • PulmaoEsquerdo is my favourite (or at least the one I remember because of his nickname), douchebag with the Kasabian kit and a pretty good team. He did it to me a few months ago when I was using bronzes and since then I've faced him and beaten him at least 3 times. Last time it was yesterday, he RQed at 25th minute at 3:0…
  • https://www.easports.com/fifa/news/2017/fifa-18-legacy-faq
  • Wanted to try pink Aurier so I played the new tournament and now I know for sure that I won't be buying FIFA 18. What a terrible experience, menus were laggy af and disconnected me at least 5 times, gameplay was absolutely atrocious and of course I had to face at least 2 gangnam stylers. None of them were successful…
  • MM gave me van Damme, right at the moment when I was going to buy him into my MLS squad. that makes the game fun for me again. TOTS Bradley is seriously the best midfielder I've played with this year (together with Gullit who costs like 20x more) and TOTS Giovinco is like a cheat code, definitely recommend them both. I…
  • Most of bronze TOTS players are either extinct or go for >30k so I can't really understand why would anyone sell the best one so low but I wish you gl
  • This game is so sh*t, FIFA 18 probably won't be much better (in terms of gameplay, servers, etc.) and I should be doing other things than playing video games but those new legends... I must resist
  • Can you try a different connection? I remember that 2 years ago I had a pretty fast and stable connection (50 Mbit at least) but for some reason I was losing packets to EA servers. I couldn't even log into FUT for a week but then I tried a mobile hotspot (cca 5 Mbit and with a much higher ping), the problem was solved and…
  • I don't really know how they calculate it but I assume that it's just a sum of the transfer activity (e.g. items sold for 5m and items bought for 3m => 2m profit) I made a lot of coins on SBCs, MLS and Liga NOS silvers helped me in the beginning, IF cards every POTM and Movember cards during Futmas SBCs. I was probably…
    in TOTS Thread Comment by elicek July 2017
  • That's a good idea, I remember actually having a lot of fun with FIFA 16, can't really say that about this year's version :/ I'd love to sell you some gems but I only kept the players I played with and I just can't sell them (did that on FIFA 15 and still regret it). I'd love to have a game with some of these players too…
  • I actually like tournaments (those with rewards), it's not as stressful as D1 so I can try a lot of teams but it's still quite competitive sometimes
  • I'm number 3 and I haven't spent anything on the game (except the 50$ for the disc)
    in TOTS Thread Comment by elicek July 2017
  • Ok then. 1.5M for Neymar is a great price though, you just got a great deal on him, he's been extinct for a month already and he's definitely worth more now. I got mine for 1.471 during La Liga TOTS and I'm really happy with that price
    in TOTS Thread Comment by elicek July 2017
  • @Kaspeerrr Sorry for not responding and making you wait, I had an emergency situation and then the game pissed me off so much that I didn't even had the mood to visit forums. I'll probably give the game another chance in the next few days though so I'll be avalaible to play some friendlies (with anybody)
  • Smolov, sold the one I had for 80k
  • I've done all premium SBCs so far (except for Gerrard and Lampard - will do them when I get on my console) and if I had to rate them: Lahm - excelent, maybe the best RB in the game Totti - inconsistent, didn't like him that much Xabi - great, bad stamina but an Eibar legend Kuyt - trash, literally one of the worst players…
    in SBC Thread Comment by elicek July 2017
  • Nah, I definitely don't underestimate it, prices of all TOTS cards went up (fresh or not). Some high rated TOTS are so rare that you can still flip them for more than 100k
    in TOTS Thread Comment by elicek July 2017
  • This was a big moneymaker for me, I had 35 of them lol
    in SBC Thread Comment by elicek July 2017
  • Yeah, I saw that. RIP :( Me neither, the game is so sh*t it's unbelievable. I was having so many games like this so I almost stopped playing. It's a shame that there's no possibility to record the gameplay, it would be a great grotesque... 196 rated team dominating, unbelievably wasting one 100% chance after another and…
    in SBC Thread Comment by elicek July 2017
  • Back at home so I'd like to challenge @Kaspeerrr :) I've already accepted your friendship request
  • Yeah, they're the two best players I've ever packed (on level with TOTS Kante) and I got them in two consecutive tradeable packs... That isn't a coincidence, tomorrow I'm buying him on the market and trying his luck again
    in TOTS Thread Comment by elicek June 2017
  • Soon after the TOTS SBC ends
    in TOTS Thread Comment by elicek June 2017
  • Holy f***, my luck today is unreal... I did another untradeable, got Gazinskiy (who I already had untradeable before and used him in the SBC that gave me Dembele) so I tried my luck with him again and... Gazinskiy is becoming one of my favourite players <3
    in TOTS Thread Comment by elicek June 2017

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