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  • I know what you mean. I'm a Liverpool fan and I can't stand any United Players with only a few exceptions (Roy Keane, Ferdinand & Beckham) I won't have any united players in my Ultimate team either. It's just how it is.
  • Been a few marquee matchups and various sbc's. Got a feeling they're preparing FUT players for the Gerrard/Lampard SBC
  • Sounds expensive but normally it's a sqaud rating of around 85, 3 TOTS cards, 1 OTW card, players around the club of the SBC (so if it's Gerrard you'd most likely need 1 LA Galaxy player & 1 Liverpool player) and a chemistry rating. Like I said sounds expensive but it will likely cost around 200-300k for Gerrard
  • I hope so! Would be awesome
  • Awesome player in and outside the game
  • Around 200kish
  • I actually think they got the prices right for these players. Totti SBC cost around 200k and considering Fifa 18 comes out in September and the football season is currently over, generally the interest in the game is pretty low. If the prices are too high then no one will actually bother with them. Also the loan options…
  • I used him a while ago. I liked him as a player outside the game but I found his pace often made him quite inneffective. He also hasn't got great shooting stats and he's not the tallest. I personally would look at someone like Naingolan or Khedira
  • I've actually been playing him as a Right Forward which I know just sounds stupid. He isn't fast enough for that position. However it's the chemistry because of my squad which has forced him to play there. He has a fantastic record however with 25 goals in 20 games. Ideally i'd play him either as a Centre forward or a CAM…
  • Michael Owen with the Hunter Chemistry style is dangerous. Obviously now TOTS is out there are a lot more affordable playeds who are statistically better than him. But if you are just looking for a legend he is one of my favourites. His Strength is his main weakness but he makes up for it with pace and his finishing.
  • So many great players to choose from. Insigne, El Sharaawy or Mertens are the 3 I like to play up top. Loads of pace and all decent finishers. I don't think you can go wrong with any one of those
  • Love Hamsik! His standard card at the start of the game was outstanding. His range of shooting from finesse, longshots and freekicks was the main appeal. And he is a cool guy. Refreshing to see rather than coming up against the same boring overpowered players in midfield.
  • I did the SBC challenge for this Totti & absolutley love him! He can play either as a forward or in the midfield. His shooting is outstanding aswell as his passing. I prefer using players who I actually like in the football world as opposed to just playing the game with the same boring overpowered players (Martial, Son,…
  • Yeah I believe so which is why I think EA will want to re-introduce them as SBC's as we all know how much EA love making money. It would generate more interest in people buying packs to afford the requirements for these SBC's
  • Up until recently mine was the Halloween special Joel Matip with 800 appearances. Just sold him as I didn't feel the extra stats were worth the price difference in comparism to his standard 83 rating card
  • Just an update on the current weekend league. Only played 8 games but managed to win 4 of them. So currently on a 50% win ratio. I stand by what I said that the weekend league is actually eaiser than the DKO's. Long way to go but if I can mantain a 50% win ratio i'l be happy
  • its funny you post that video, it's actually what got me thinking about why I was finding it increasingly more difficult to win the DKO. He pretty much covers the whole topic about why it isn't a fair way to qualify. If anyone isn't sure about why me or anyone else dosen't think its a fair concept give this video a watch
  • If you're an elite 2-3 player of course you should be completing these DKO's with ease. Interested to know if you think that having already qualified for the WL that EA should allow you to compete in the DKO. Not blaming you at all for wating te rewards but imo ii you've already qualified, you shouldn'y be in DKO's
  • I personally can't wait to see if the Nintendo Switch is good enough to play Fifa 18 on the go. If it is. Microsoft & Sony will be forced to create a portable console of their own that is a good enough quality to play on the go. Exciting times in my opinoin
  • The whole point in this thread is to open a discussion on what people's understanding are of the new concept and how they feel about it. Not just to wait & see. If you aren't interested in these threads why do you comment on them? Seems a bit contradictory in my opinoin
  • I think a lot of the Legends on Xbox were great! I'm not against a rebranding or new players added but it would be a shame to see some of the old Legends go
  • I personally haven't seen a thread on this topic, if I had I would have just joined it.
  • Yeah I agree it's good to start a fresh, i've seen a Gerrard Icon which will be one of my favourites and also feel the term Icon is more appropriate than Legend for some players. I will be gutted if some of the Italian players don't make an appearance again. Nesta, del Piero, Cannavaro & Gattuso were all awesome back in…
  • I hate playing against any of the in form Son cards, especiallu the POTM cards.
  • I think its Awesome you managed to qualify easily! Unfortunatly i've not had the same luck haha. I personally think the WL is easier than the DKO. Or at least more rewarding. I can usually get a win ratio of around 17/40 or above which for me is good because I get a decent amount of coins and some decent packs. The DKO…
  • i hope EA thinks of a new concept to make the Weekend League more available to more players as well as keeping a competetive mode for the Pro players who want to go to these big events. Allowing pro's to knockout casual players for the reward card and keeping the WL exclusive isn't great in my opinoin. It'd be great if the…
  • Exactly my point. If the reward is seperated into a rewards tournament or mini League, and then the DKO into a tournament with jus qualification as the reward. Then there will be no upset for already qualified players knocking out those who haven't qualified.
  • Yes I like the idea of a prize being around for maybe a limited time. It would certainly be better than the current format in my opinoin. I still belive seperating the two altogether would be ebst though. As once you have qualified for the weekend league. You could then look to challenge yourself for the reward without the…
  • It's just opinion really. I wouldn't consider myself a particularly good fifa player. But I don't think me regularly being in Div 3 & finishing Silver 1/ Gold 3 makes me bad either. I'm also not too fussed about the overall record. Like you say disconnects do factor into it aswell as lag. I personally was pretty bad at the…
  • Agree! The process is too repetetive. Its also demoralising if you start losing because you know if you want to qualify you have to start the process again from the start.

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