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  • The games never been great as EA don’t seem to care about anything other than FIFA points but this patch is definitely the worst. Good thing is it’s finally made me stop playing the game.
  • I had him and totgs mbappe upfront, mbappe my favourite player I’ve ever used in UT. Since I got potm Ben yedder he out scored and played better every game than mbappe who has a value of about 2 mill. I’ve seen so many posts saying don’t do it he’s not worth it, it’s a coin sink and etc. He’s definitely worth it, plays way…
  • I found division 5 and 4 to be the worst divisions to be in. Every single replay, always a shush after scoring a goal even when I was hammering them. Also had far more abusive messages whilst in them two divisions than any other. Started the game in 9, got to I believe 2 wins from one and definitely found the 2 above to be…
  • I’d be surprised if we have nothing in the next few days. So many packs have been opened the last few weeks meaning huge amounts of players have excess coins and fodder. If league sbcs or something aren’t released to start taking coins and players back off the market for the majority then the excess will be used for stuff…
  • if some high division players drop 2 or 3 levels to complete icon objectives other players in that division will know this and realise by dropping 2 or 3 levels themselves they’ll be playing the same players as before so they’ll drop a bit further down. Then likewise for the players in a division or 2 below the players…
  • I use a silver squad in squad battles to make it less boring when I play. Doesn’t really seem any more difficult to win 5-0 than with my normal team. Definitely makes it more fun playing it though.
  • How many of the Silver objectives do you still have left? The xp for completing both silvers and doing all golds objectives daily objectives is around 18k. So any extra silver xp and hitting milestones for games played you could hit 20k. I’m about 400 off hitting it just not felt like playing the game.
  • He’s been brilliant for me. Part of a front 4 with totgs mbappe, Neymar and Bernardo Silva and the best performer in near every game. Did it entirely with untradables but if I knew he’d be so good I’d have done it with having to buy every player to do it.
  • I’ve actually been promoted a few time’s whilst doing the objectives. Seem to play better with bad teams than I do my main one.
  • Child gambling.
  • I watched someone open 180k worth of Fifa points on ultimate packs yesterday and pull 1 headliner, Suarez x 2, griezman and 8 terrible walkouts. So over £1000 spent for 12 players that wouldn’t get near most players teams. Easy to see why so many British players are reporting this to local mps and hoping for a fifa points…
  • I played a few games with him earlier. Genuinely felt absolutely brilliant, easily out scored mbappe totgs who’s my favourite player ever on Fifa.
  • Exactly this. One pack isn’t going to stop self relegating. Just makes things unfair for the majority of players.
  • Genuinely don’t see how anyone can condone this. Untradeables for sbc rewards now saying the majority of players don’t get a pack because you’re not good enough at the game is disgraceful. I seriously hope anyone division 5 and below that purchases Fifa points sees EA for what they really are now and doesn’t put another…
  • I’d be surprised too unfortunately. I still haven’t received my players back from the one a couple of months ago so this could be a while. Still have enough untradeables to redo them all, will just use the ones submitted for something else in the future.
  • I reckon we’ll get it at 6 again. Unfortunately you’ll have to do each team again with the 86 team replacing the 80.
  • Need to get rid of them mate. I’m paying £90 a month for sky with supposedly best internet they have, phone line which is unused as I don’t have a house phone, Sky q box, sky multi room, sky sports channels, bt sports channels, movies and whatever package that comes with sky Atlantic as her nerdy shows are on that. They…
  • Hopefully sorted tomorrow. 👍
  • I did most of this before it got removed and will be finishing it once it’s back. Doing it entirely with untradables, get rid of the pointless storyline cards etc. Barely play now compared to previously and will probably stop completely soon enough so going to spend the couple mill I’ve got left and enjoy the team before I…
  • Disgraceful they’ve pulled it. Is one team being wrong worth annoying so many paying customers? The people involved in this stuff seriously need firing. Last time something similar happened they said everyone would get the players back which I never did.
  • Just about the bloody finish this and it comes up failed to save. Seriously EA you made a mistake that actually benefits players for once and you insta pull this? I best get my players back for this as I put in some decent players for the 87 rated squad.
  • everyone else seems to be getting insane players trying this. Me I’m still getting belotti in every pack!
  • I saved 100+ for a couple of promos and barely got a walk out. This time I just opened them a few days before and got probably 5 times as many walk outs from far less packs saved.
  • Can move them all over to unassigned, can’t open any packs whilst they’re like that but means you can have as many as you want saved for investment. Also good way to stockpile packs and not be tempted to open them as you can’t even if you wanted to.
  • Is the import thing only on android? Can’t see any option for iOS.
  • I’m doing the same. They’ve played the exact same amount of games too as getting Silva meant I needed a perfect link for totgs mbappe. They’ve got the same amount of goals and assists as each other. Even without the same stats they feel about the same level as each other in game for me.
  • Nice one dude. Just sold bunch of crap for few k each
  • I play near enough every game on ultimate, sometimes legendary if I’m doing something else and not properly focused. I used to do legendary for the easy teams world class for the harder but then realised doing that just made squad battles even more boring so figured do it on the hardest level would make it although still…
  • Ter Stegen and lenglet. Have futmas de gea tried him then went back to stegen. Lenglet for me always feels better than what he should be so I’ve used him far more than any other cb.
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