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  • IF Lallana at 15k. If you can live with his weakness. Dribbling, finishing, long shots and passing make up for that but maybe its just me. I keep going back to him.
  • It was Suarez. Until about a month ago when I got a fresh and have stuck with him since. 90 games played now I think which is the most in my club bar the untradeable players I use regularly like Matuidi/Benzema
  • (Quote) I would if I was you! :D That's a lot of untradeable packs potentially missed out on.
  • @Rob The Futties 3 tournament should be extended if servers are down for 6 hours (minimum) in a tournament that's lasted what? Three days? Some of us only get to play at certain times and being in the final of the sweat fest for nothing will just …
  • Appreciated if that was a forumer. :D
  • Only 4.5 hours to go :|
  • I've got a fresh Quaresma if anyones still looking. Let me know and I'll sort it out, might have to be later tonight/tomorrow morning though.
  • What's he currently going for? Can't get on Xbox as my Xbox won't connect to the internet but I can feel a Portugal squad coming on in the next few days!
  • (Quote) At least I know Ings exists then!! I managed to grab Illori, first time on concept squads but I've kept bogdan and ings in the same concept and have a look in between games and absolutely nothing.
  • Reus and Bayern Thiago both feel much more than 15 and 2k players for me.
  • (Quote) Yeh I remember sniping for Fellaini. Was so worth it though I love that card. I agree, I've never been able to play with the players I have this year. I don't think sniping will be as much of a problem if everyone starts on a level playin…
  • (Quote) I think you most probably would reach that 1.4m dependant on tax, however it's not worth it mate. I've been trying to snipe Mascherano for two of my teams for a total of an hour so far, seen about five and all got BINed. Masch won't even …
  • Seriously though IF I was built up and wanted to try one last card to take me through until the end it would be one of the Suarez upgrades. His NIF has been incredible for me for a long time now, the only reason I haven't upgraded is, he was fresh,…
  • Snipe 5 TIF Sanchez and wait for your profit. Seams that's what everone else around here is doing for fun these days :D
  • I see that too, think the links are struggling ATM as seen a few of them. TOTS Lopez isn't bad at all but with that pair I always go back to Sirigu, none of the Brazilians cut it for me. Maybe pink Sirigu if you wait, he was leading when I voted b…
  • (Quote) On this, do you get kicked out when you do this? I get kicked out of UT then when I go back in I have to prove I'm not a robot. :| So annoying because then I have to go back to the concept and start again.
  • (Quote) (Quote) Nice pulls, Gullit is Gullit and I use that Welbeck in a BPL team I have, or did until last night, he'll come off the bench for Sanchez now. Massive bonus for me that they are untradeable players with first owner status. I've neve…
  • (Quote) Very nice, I kept hoping that glitch would happen to me, happened to a few didn't it. TO be fair I don't know how many times I could have done the earlier tournis on world class! So frustrating!
  • Loads of MOTM up now, I wouldn't have minded trying for this IF but I can't be bothered after all the Mascheranos I've missed :s
  • I spammed about half an hour last night and another 20 this morning. Saw about 6 last night gone before I could even get to buy now, saw one this morning and again gone. Managed to snipe players like TOTS Pogba, MOTM Vargas so I'm no slouch but pe…
  • If that fails theres gonna be a couple of new cards which might be at your budget if you can be bothered to look, I assume they'll be hard work to get hold of: Pink Eriksen or Rooney
  • Don't laugh. IF Lallana. A lot of fun to use, and for me personally, and I've seen a few others mention, very effective.
  • (Quote) Seriously Bellerin?! :o Nice little profit on that card I don't use then! I think when I got him to perfect link Cazorla and Sanchez he was about 1.5k
  • 89 Higuain and 84 Gomez complement each other beautifully, really enjoyed that pair when I've used them. TOTS Fekir and NIF Ibra was a lot of fun also. On that budget you could get the following three who are a lot of fun to play with particularly…
  • To add to that in no way am I saying FUT isn't about trading, that's the game mode, If I wanted an actual ultimate team I could just play career mode. And this right now is the best way to trade. I can't moan because If I was to sell the squads I h…
  • [/quote] Card hoarding is the best way to make coins now, cant knock someone if they want to hang onto cards for a week or so to make an easy 200k+ on each one. AT the end of the year they will have themselves THE Ultimate team that they have striv…
  • (Quote) I agree, don't see it but it would be good. Maybe I'm just bitter because I don't have the time or desire to buy players to hope a price increase comes along, but it annoys me that there are players out there I'd love to play with who aren…
  • It would be fantastic if they just started dropping from here. How many drops do you think it would take for the hoarders to panic and sell up? I don't think one drop would do much, but two or three decent drops might bring the market back to life …
  • Belgian RTG could be quite entertaining. Lots of good little Belgians in the game both bronze and silver to get you started then a hell of a lot of potential to move it forward. http://w…
  • Nice one. Got five a side tonight so won't get chance to have a look until 9ish if he gets a price increase I'll be gutted.
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