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  • I actually do that, to relegators, who keep doing 30 drag backs outside my box. Zero regrets
  • Unless you need blistering pace, Mahrez is very good there. 5* skills fluid dribbling and lovely finesses. His non-tots cards are super cheap for the value and the tots may get cheaper when Bernardo comes out I guess
  • I’ve played over 100 games with Ndombele and while he’s really good I find Gini to be more involved on the pitch in the few games I played after getting him, coz of his work rate I guess. He’s got just the right upgrades for a near perfect box-to-bo…
  • How’s Richarlison been for you? Thinking of getting him to link Vinicius & Mahrez. Currently using Mid Butra there and I love him both on/off the ball but he’s kinda small/weak and kinda looking for a change.
  • (Quote) Put Firmino into Dembele. Lol. Did him coz he’s one of favs irl and I really wanted like him but just can’t get along with him in this game. Shame!
  • They’re pretty great. My untradeable non-rares/silvers gave me 1/3rd of the fodder needed for Dembele. Even the one player packs gave me some decent boards. Glad they did this.
  • It’s just like their servers, gets worse by the days
  • I’d been a while me seeing a GK making a save when my defenders fail, and i see that with Pope. He’s amazing
  • I did him despite he not fitting the current squad, had lots of great objective fodder and it’s Bobby frik’n Firmino. Was hoping fir his Flashback, i’ll make do with this. Him & Bruno are great together.
  • Bruno does a False 9 role impressively well, managing to outscore Bobby at times.
  • I can’t make my Kent/Kubo turn. It’s unreal
  • The way it’s been past couple of years, I’m starting to believe it’s a mechanism put in the game intentionally to create/assign advantage/disadvantage. Some games, you can simply tell from the get go by how your players act/react. It’s not even subt…
  • It’s been there for a while I guess. I played a couple of them last year, faced quite a few times this year. Played one the other day, they had 6 high end red tots players, 2 of them plus constant pressure. In division 8. That was really something.
  • Unfortunately he couldn’t replace TOTS Renato Sanches for me as I hoped. Great card nonetheless.
  • Lazy/incompetent programming. It still takes their base card stats, been like that since years
  • I played his POTM on 4-5 chem and he was still amazing at that stage of the game.
  • Easily my fav forward in the game right now. Can play and excel in any position
  • There was FUT swaps last year, some decent objectives/cards. That’s a possibility i guess
  • Every bit worth it. His sense of space, composure and finishing is top notch. And yes, does feel like 5* weak foot. I can’t imagine TOTS Son, who I’d love to get, being any better than him. Also doesn’t have generic face like 50% of the TOTS cards,…
  • His strength/aggression can be noticeable but he makes up for it with crazy interceptions and clean tackles, always at the right spot.
  • Richarlison I’d say
  • (Quote) Exactly at the same spot as you. Div 7/6 player but everytime objectives come, i have losing streaks, sometimes as bad as 5-6 in a row. So much noticeable lag/delay since the last patch, it’s frustratingly unplayable. Heavy touches, underp…
  • [/quote] Is he more of a CAM or striker[/quote] Either really. Initially played him as a striker and he was great, now placed as CAM behind Storyline Belotti and still outscores him more often than not. His sense of space and runs are just amazing
  • I’ve used both and I’d say Kamada. Rafa is quick agile and great on the ball but Kamada’s ability to find space hold the ball and finish is something that I find better. Hope it helps
  • Pedro is really really good, very close to Base Butragueno(not overstating, I’ve used Butra for a long time) with 4* skills and better passing, makes him usable on the wings. Also makes a solid central CAM. I get it, most would not rate these playe…
  • With all the relegated players in lower divisions, now I should be penalized more if I quit a match against drag back spammer? The way some play the game is disgusting and intolerable. It’s not always while losing, sometimes I quit when winning too.
  • Rafa-Belotti-Visca-Giovinco all playing on 7-8 chem
  • His balance is a bit noticeable in dribbling like any other tall player but not clunky, strong, great in the air and very very clinical. I love the Storyline Belotti, my absolute fav striker so far. Johnathan is similar with some impovements.. bit …
  • Matters what position it reads on the card, not where you play them
  • Few cheap and amazing picks. Some are criminally cheap for how good they are ST - Kruse, Johnathan Winger/Wide CAM - Rafa, Visca Central CAM - Giovinco CDM - Objective Martinez CB - Hummels, Blind Fullback - Grimaldo/Mariano
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