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  • How does this happen!? Don’t they test this before releasing it. It’s amateur stuff. People pay good money for this rubbish fifa churns out
  • They just want you playing FUT because that’s where they make their money. I’ll just edit my team, get the main transfers done. If I want Cavani in game I’ll just have to create him best as possible. Players start moving around in January in game anyway
  • It’s still possible to edit the teams before starting career mode so you start with the correct players. It’s a bit of a ball ache but I’ve had to do this before. If you want Cavani however you’ll prob have to create him
  • You honestly think EA are that efficient? 😆 A release day update would be nice though
  • what is going on with this 'undefined' bug? I am getting this in Carabao Cup, Europa League and for some name banners in the Premier League. How can EA let this go live with such glaring errors? Jeez I miss the good old days when you bought a game on a disk, put the disk in the console and that's what you had. Dev's had to…
  • is this the same for other difficulties? The game is a joke! I'll dominate the early part of games but then all of a sudden my players cant string 5 yard passes together. I had 4 of my players around 1 of Chelsea's and it was like the AI player had a halo around it, it was impossible to make a challenge. Also as soon as I…
  • I agree but if you want realistic squads, tables this really is the only option at the moment. Not saying it is acceptable because it's not. I would have been even more peed off if i had paid £75 for this rubbish. £50 is daylight robbery.
  • Just edit the teams such as Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea. Spurs, Man United and set all the youth players with under 70 rating who you know you’d never see start a match to free agents. Then start a career and skip pre-season. Worked for me.
  • I do t know how much you know about football but If that’s not an odd table I don’t know what is one. I used the workaround where I set all the youth players as free agents for the top 6. I still get teams playing reserve goalies and weak midfields a lot of the time but it does avoid a complete shambles
  • If the testing team had any care and consideration at all this would never have got through to the final release. To release in its current form, they must have known about all these bugs, well they did. We all deserve a sincere apology and a clear plan of action to all customers who have been cheated as to when these…
  • click link below to view league table after 4 games. Arsenal still have 1 game in hand so could move up.https://ibb.co/KxPtM7M
  • ThIs is somewhat representative of what the table should look like... I edited the top 6 teams before starting career mode. Just set all the youngsters as Free Agents. You still get some of the reserves playing buy I am Man Utd and playing Chelsea on day 1 I got a pretty accurate starting 11. This is a workaround for me at…
  • I'm actually going to give this one a go! What happens when clubs buy/sell players? Do the new signings start or are they just benched?
  • this is one of the biggest games by one of the biggest franchises yet it seems a bunch of 5 year olds could have managed this better. This game has been in beta for WEEKS. These CM bugs have been known for WEEKS. If this mode had been tested at all why were these bugs not fixed before release? Its pure laziness. In the…
  • sorry, just not had time to trawl though the forum, just pointing out what I noticed. Lets hope they take note and act quickly to fix it!
  • couldn't agree more, it's pathetic. All they had to do to avoid the silly bugs is copy the code from last year. In FIFA 19 if i played a custom tournament some teams would play their weaker sides which I thought was odd, but now it's crept into Career mode. I guess we'll have to wait a month now for you guys to fix this.…
  • probably won't be fixed I would guess, all work is going into FIFA 20
  • I have lost the PL intro anthem and the 'You'll never walk alone' intro section at Anfield
  • this issue exists for me as well
  • That could certainly explain it! I was on a good run of form winning most games and then I played 5 matches losing 3 to lesser opposition and drawing the other 2, without scoring a goal! Players were missing through passes, never getting on the end of crosses, losing the ball. Then played Brighton away and they were…
  • Something seems to have happened Before this update I had won 10 games, drawn 3 and lost 1 in all competitions in my career mode on world class. Played 3 games since and in those I drew 1 and lost 2 without scoring a goal. Its almost like the game has erased my teams form
  • the thing that annoys me is most matches I will dominate for the first half. The match will then level out but I usually get way more shots away than the AI but you can guarantee that right at the end they will pop up with a goal to win it. I was Man Utd playing Southampton. Lukaku missed a sitter, hit the post and had an…
  • Its the fact that I'll dominate a game and have 20 shots but their defenders will intercept everything, then run down the other end and score easily in stoppage time. Probably from a cross or a long ball into the strikers feet. Even had to play 3 tall players in midfield (Matic, Pogba, Milinkovic-Savic) just to win headers…
  • Here's the proof....though this is for PS4 but XBOXone is out to
  • my photos dont really do it justice, it does look proper slick now.
  • I'm not sure, will get another opportunity to check in a couple of hours
  • Ran up a quick match after the update, new EPL graphics are all there!
  • it is, downloading it on PS4 now
  • downloading it on ps4 now
  • yes, dowloading FIFA version 1.02 on ps4 now
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