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  • forgot the dream it’s gone forever
  • it's quite clicky on here pal so you won't get many responses from the regular people who post daily . i generally get latency of 20-22 but can get terrible gameplay on that. then sometimes when it's pinging from 34-50 i get amazing gameplay . it's…
  • wow button delay is soooooooooo bad today akinfenwa would turn faster than my tots kante at the minute haha
  • you have until weekend to get the 2000 points mate
  • i have them both on full chem boateng is linked with FB goretzka . i can confirm that pair together are top top quality !!! power is unreal !! and rarely get caught out of position
  • premium militao is quality in my opinion ! i also had headliner varane and felt his was clumsy and often out of position but again just my thoughts !!!
  • nice relevant post with some great points !! BUT complete waste of time putting it on here unfortunately : i have no idea why it's classed as a EA forum because there is literally nothing at all that can be fixed via this forum !! the only thing it…
  • i am having serious issues with shooting at the minute . my players the likes of 97 messi and better are shooting with zero power as if it's miss timed but they are not. all my finesse shots are going wide or over . my near post shots go clean into …
    in Ea is a joke Comment by chris7 May 2020
  • i had a week last week where it felt great again nice and smooth . played my weekend league games friday and got 17 wins and stopped and most games felt ok except the odd EA usual rubbish !!! but since then it has been proper trash players can't pas…
    in Ea is a joke Comment by chris7 May 2020
  • from my understanding from previous posts if you opened them after monday then you are out of luck as they came out of packs on monday. sorry to be hater of bad news
  • jesus could you really be that gullible ???
  • it's horrific . got to 17 wins and i am stopping for the weekend not worth the stress haha
  • yeh happened twice to me so i moved onto brazil kit to be safe
    in Kit glitch Comment by chris7 May 2020
  • anyone figured out how not to hit the post yet ?? i have just played two won two but i must of hit the post over 10 times across the two games :( haha GL all
  • 100% nobody has mastered the severity of button delay EA is throwing out at the minute . EA either gift you the win or you lose simple as that . i used to only get bad scripting against me if say i won 10 in a row then it would hit me for a few game…
  • update i just had a guy rage quit after 30 mins i was 4-0 up on weekend league he had 7 shots and 6 on target . my keeper pulled of stupidly unrealistic great saves . i had 4 shots and 4 rebounded of the keeper and came back to me for a tap in whils…
  • update played 4 weekend league lost 4 i have officially lost faith in the game . my passing accuracy would of been below 20% in every game tackles won 0 players turning like a double decker bus passes taking at least a second to register and by the …
  • cheers lads !! yeh chavez i have done this in previous fifa's and have had some results to be fair . i will give that another go today and see how i get it. just so frustrating as i don't pretend to be able to mix with the elite but i can definitel…
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