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  • im going to discard young im that pissed off with that sbc :D :D
  • thought id open 3 25k packs as i had a few points first one was 91 yashin second IF kruse. cant argue with that lol yashin worth keeping or should i sell
  • i agree i know im late to seeing this but i just laughed out loud n got some funny looks :D
  • you have more chance of san marino declaring nuclear war on russia and china than any country in the world being arsed about invading switzerland lmaoo... i know this is a troll post and that but il give you a half sensible reply :pensive:
  • do the phone interview ❤️❤️❤️❤️ naked infront of a mirror while twisting side to side slapping your ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off each leg or doing the helicopter!
  • same, ive upped mine to 20-22 incase he rises more, i got most of them for 10k anyway so.
  • i know i lowered a few down to 26 i was gunna take the hit on the tax and one sold first cyle so i upped them and another went for 33 so theres hope... when i posted according to footbin 2nd cheapest was 18k lol and id seen them at 20 so i thought it was a lost cause but i think they are back at around 24.5k again so…
  • yea i think im going to now, if i do follow a bit of hype it will be 2 maybe 3 cards, i went with about 10 youngs sold 3 for around 37 but price has dropped dramatically since, its just a learning curve for me its the first time ive really tried making profits inormally just blast some coin on packs build a team then crack…
  • got about 7 youngs left i might aswell just discard them looking at the drop in price lol, i payed 26-27k for them :'( tempted to just get rid at goping rate and accept hype trains are ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lol every hype i follow loses me money lol
  • only one thing private browsing used for by normal people.. ask the mrs she might wanna private browse with you :open_mouth:
  • tbf im gunna put it out there and say op is right he is a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ for his reply at an obvious mistake, guy could be dislexic or something and he just jumps straight on him being an arse. why not reply saying "i dont understand what you mean, do you mean" bla bla bla, but no lets get arsey about it and say how much my head…
  • no i logged in weeks ago on my phone and can go days without coming on here then as soon as i come on here using my phone im still logged in.
  • brozovic gone for 35k nice to see him going back up.
  • lukaku left back IF kessi cm berroti gomez up top...... son van dijk lallana @cam
  • just about to win div 6 but i havnt give it much chance. got relegated 3 days after i got the game from div 9 back to div 10 just messing around but since ive wanted to ghet promoted ive been promoted so far fairly easy, keep getting beat in finals by people with mill - 2 mill teams (mines 140k and thats only because otw…
  • lol how can yo be banned? your using the official web app all futbin do is use info provided by the app it doesnt make the app perform any actions on behalf of the person and it doesnt give any advantage because all info that gets the person can get himself on the web app or game. ive never been banned and neither have…
  • he mentioned something about a 3rd party app but noone mentioned using any 3rd party app so his response was ❤️❤️❤️❤️ tbh lol. that import just takes information from the official app it doesnt make the app perform any actions so for me its impossible to get a ban for it lol
  • they wont guarentee you wont be banned but i and a LOT of other people have no problem soooo up to you
  • how have you got rid of rashford for that ha, was buying them when ptg's dropped 10k profit twice then payed 177k (cheapest id payed for one) woke up in the morning and couldnt even get my money back ha, only got it listed for 185 now lol
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ relationships they aint worth the headache, stay single and do what ya want when ya want for as long as ya want and unless they are willing to be casual always give the wrong number out and dont take them to your gaff go to theirs instead.
  • yea standard i do it soon as i get home from work, as soon as i finish everygame and just before i switch off on a night :D
  • im the same but i know i'l get home today and still try and snipe some discards cos my tradepile isnt full and i have some coins there to buy a few
  • 10k to get sales ffs ive sold one since i invested for 27k on the hype train last week lol
  • @Peter sorry i thought this was a forum not an english exam :/
  • i work 4 on 4 off so end up at work a lit of weekebds therefore if i qualify i can hardly play someetimes anyway.... should EA change the days to suit me or should work rearrange my shifts to suit weekend league? :D B)
  • embrace the fury! :D
  • jamies gunna snitch to his bird thats hes chatting ❤️❤️❤️❤️ on the forum soon
  • thats why friendlies are ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lol
  • ive still got 7 aint sold one for 5 days :( hopefully they will start creeping back up in the next few days my coin funds getting low and i wanted to upgrade team a bit but i keep sniping more discards lol :D

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