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  • Caicedo or Rice if the same price. Who you picking?
  • Ramsdale White - Saliba - Gabriel - Zinchenko Partey Saka - Odegaard - Rice - Martinelli Jesus Turner Tomiyasu - New CB - Kiwior - Tierney Jorginho Nelson - Vieira - New CM - ESR Trossard Hein Holding Nketiah Rice - 90m New CB - 25m New CM - 35m Not sure if that'll be enough for a title challange, will be for a top 4…
  • Don't know if its quite near South africa
  • I think he will be a good signing for you if it's not overly expensive. What I read was comparisons to the job Wijnaldium did for you but tbh I've not watched him enough to have an opinion on it. But for sure he shouldn't be in over KDB or Odegaard for me.
  • Definently Odegaard imo. Was reading some Brighton fans views on him the other day and they said Caicedo can easily step up to a top team but they're dubious if Mac Allister will stand out. He was very good but not amazing according to them.
  • Mac Allister voids that whole team tbh.
  • No? I read some posts in here about him having the ball glued to him. Tbh not watched him for Liverpool though.
  • No. Just no. I've been subject to plenty of racism in my time. It's just a bizzare take. They are both silky on the ball it seems and tall players with similar builds so part of me sees it but not really. But.. there's no racist suggestions there..
  • Na sorry, whilst I disagree with the Henry comparison (I get he has a similar build), I'm not seeing where racism has come from. Bizzare for anyones first thought to be that.
  • Ramsdale White - Saliba - Gabriel - Cancelo Partey Saka - Odegaard - Rice - Martinelli Jesus Turner Tomiyasu - Holding - Kiwior - Zinchenko Jorginho Nelson - Vieira - New CM - ESR Trossard Hein Elneny Nketiah £90m Rice £50m Cancelo £35m Midfielder Looks too weak for my liking.
  • Would you sign Cancelo for £50m?
  • Not going to lie.. I have 0 time or motivation to work this out so if someone wants to feel free ha
  • Seriously you have a real problem. Odd you said I was the one attacking you.. but all i've done is post reasonably replies and all you've done is post attacks. If you didn't want anyone discussing the bulk of your original post, why did you make it in the first place. Pot kettle.
  • I mean I think City adapted and change there style as the season went along. They changed from trying to force it to Haaland all the time to actually changing formation and playing a bit more composed, which in the end did them well as they gained more consistency. That along with Haaland playing in the CL and cups for the…
  • I literally replied with a valid point. Haaland minutes: 2777 with 36 goals. One in every 77 mins. (7 pens) Kane minutes: 3408 with 30 goals. One in every 113 mins. (5 pens) Salah minutes: 2921 with 32 goals. One in every 91 mins. (1 pen I think?) Salahs 17/18 was on a par with Haaland this season tbh, although if Haaland…
  • I choose to ignore 80% of your posts tbh to not argue with you. The only things i've really replied to you recently on are that Saka post and this. But ok keep telling yourself that. And tbh I didn't even phrase my comment that aggressively, it's just strange how you ignored the minutes, and tbh I think it's because it…
  • How many minutes did he play vs Salah in that season and Kane in this? You ignored that part but used it in a key point in your Nunez vs Saka point. I don't know the answer, might be similar.
  • This is one of the most pointless things I've heard on here.
  • Good thing it's not that easy. Klopp doesn't even trust him enough to give him those minutes.
  • One is a striker. One is a winger. Open play goals and ignoring assists too :D
  • Nice one mate!
  • Tbf might happen my team is very weak.
  • Unless Tierney is injured that is poor from the club. Play him.
  • If Liverpool do sign a defender and two CMs of good quality then I think the top 7 will be as below because I do rate Klopp still. City Liverpool Arsenal United Chelsea Newcastle Spurs Is it top 5 that go through next season to CL? Chelsea could benefit from no Europe quite a lot tbh and Newcastle could suffer from it.
  • Ramsdale White - Saliba - Gabriel - Zinchenko Partey Odegaard - Rice Saka - Jesus - Martinelli Turner Tomiyasu - Tapsoba - Kiwior - Tierney Jorginho Vieira - New LCM New RW - Trossard - ESR Hein Holding Nketiah Rice - £90m Tapsoba - £50m New LCM - £30m New RW - £30m £200m. Would be my ideal summer with around £125m of…
  • Well ye if they were integral neither would have left. Zinchenko is still in most team of the seasons. Haaland trumps Jesus.
  • Yes but Pep has always said he will sell people who aren't fully happy.
  • You say that but you go on the City forums and halfway into the season they were all distraught they sold Jesus and Zinchenko to us. People change their tune as time goes. He was injured for ages and got thrown back in so won't really judge till next season. But ye it's obvious he isn't the most clinical striker but he has…

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