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  • So im playing in Ball Aholics ( club i created, left to play on other clubs and now im back in Ball Aholics ) and we have 3-4 players who play daily at least for now. I am planning to create Pro Club team in FIFA 20 also so if someone wants to join…
  • (Quote) Ooooh, well yea it does seem that not a lot of people are on the forums.
  • Im not sure why you are asking that has people given up on this game. Are you not finding matches quickly enough in seasons & Co-op seasons or what you mean ? BTW if you play on PC, i'd love to play some Co-op seasons or Pro Clubs together.
  • (Quote) Hi there! I couldn't find you on Origin as Beackon. What is your Origin ID? Or just go ahead and add me to friends on Origin and let's see how we do this. Right now im in a club of my own but i can delete it since it's just me and my frie…
  • I've created my own club and im playing in it with a friend of mine. So not really looking for a club anymore unless someone wants to join the club we're in. Could use some more players for sure. Club name : Ball Aholics It's Public. IF someone wa…
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