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  • Check out the fifa 18 tutorials by the fifasolved you tube channel. They are for console but about 90% of the info is useable and transfers to switch even for 20. It worth a shot.
  • Never used him, did a few upgrades etc managed to pack Busquets, Sergio Ramos, and De Gea so I threw him into the mid icon. Got Koeman.
    in April fools Comment by ZiaFC April 2020
  • As far as I know the only changes that have been made to weak foot, skill moves, or work rates came with the base card at release of the game. Any of the special card versions, or winter upgrade versions of players cards will have the same weak foot, skill moves, and work rates as the base version and we do not get any…
    in Adel Taarabt Comment by ZiaFC April 2020
  • 87 rated and his max price is low so I am sure he gets bought quickly if posted.
    in Keylor Navas Comment by ZiaFC April 2020
  • We don't get any sort of weak foot or skill moves upgrades so all of the cards will always have the same as the base card no matter what.
    in Adel Taarabt Comment by ZiaFC April 2020
  • Thank you good sir, it couldn't have been that bad of a deal I mean 11 random bronzes for 5 gold players that's better than the bronze upgrade. Sucks that you got a bunch of dupes though.
    in April fools Comment by ZiaFC April 2020
  • The worse part is that because we are getting the really basic FUT birthday themed SBCs means that we are technically "included" into the promo. They did it last year when the advertised for FUTmas and we got zero FUTmas content. Once we brought it up to them they pulled the ads and a day or two later we got a FUTmas…
    in Fut birthday Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • I was able to nab a couple of Irish silvers for 200 coins a few hours after the sbc dropped sold them for 11,000 in total. I also got lucky the other day and pulled a rare bronze Irish player from a bronze pack. Had an extra shamrock player in club sold him for 6k in about 5 mins. So these sbcs have been good for the coin…
    in Happiness Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • I have been getting them in the silver upgrade up to 3 silver rares currently just started yesterday.
  • I kind of thought they might have just done a "best of TOTW" squad where the could re-release some of the popular TOTW players from previous weeks. As for content I am not surprised that we haven't been included because all of the recent promos like the shapeshifters have been completely new. Last year we didnt get…
  • I think there may be a good shot at fut birthday last year it was a decent promo for the switch platform.
  • You can also do a heel to heel type move with 2 star skill move players if you hold L while performing the fake shot/pass move.
    in Skills Moves Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • Yeah there are lots of moves you can do that arent on that list. There is a heel to heel flick variation too. Its the same as the heel to heel but you hold down L or LZ cant quite remember which one right now but only 4 and 5 star skillers can do the variant.
    in Skills Moves Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • And as a beside if you do the move like the first way I told you it is pretty much the same kind of a turn but player will not flick the ball into air.
    in Skills Moves Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • And you flick RS forward, my bad i try not to think about directions too much when skilling and can do them from muscle memory easier than thinking to much about them. Let me try again 5* skiller Hold L Right stick forward Right stick right or left This time I promise its right
    in Skills Moves Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • I got it wrong a little bit just went in game to try it instead of holding L2 (or I guess it's really called LZ) hold L.
    in Skills Moves Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • Yeah its basically the same as one of the turn moves, but its a variation and the ball carrier needs 5 star skills. But to do it you use right stick backwards in relation to the direction your player is running and then right or left (for whichever direction you want to go and again in relation to how your player is…
    in Skills Moves Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • I definitely dont get them much maybe like 1 or 2 every 3 or 4 months I just found it frustrating that there was literally a better chance for me to pack an 88+ than to get an entire pack with with no one higher than 81 rated.
  • Its good to really practise with majority of them. They are all situational at best so if you can comfortably perform a good number of them then its just about figuring out which ones you like to use best for the situation you may find your self in game. I am by no means a great skiller but I have noticed that the less…
    in Skills Moves Comment by ZiaFC March 2020
  • I think 18 was the best installment for nintendo switch, and the only difference between 18, 19, and 20 was league SBC when there was league sbcs to do there was just so many more packs and chances up for grabs and the market was much better too. you could actually sell silver players at a decent rate and make good profit…
  • Oh I definitely do not plan on getting it.
  • I was just looking at some of the info for the fifa 19 legacy editions, and they dont even include icons in them.
  • Wonder if we will get any of the leagues that has finnished with tots already like PL, Bundes, and La Liga.
  • It's going to be a "legacy" version so it will be like 19 and no new content I believe. It will be equivalent to the versions that the PS3 and Xbox 360 get now.
  • I thin this may be a great time for Nintendo to release a new Super Mario Strikers. It won't be a SIM, but it could be an excellent arcade style football skinned game with loads of multiplayer action filled mayhem.
  • Not buying as well, at least they are telling us now though, between 18 and 19 the only real official info I could find was how it was going to be unique to the system so I had some hopes for something new like an interesting fut game mode. Unfortunately as we all know the only thing unique about it was the amount of…
  • I got Sommer on my first try in the upgrade. Have done about 5 more and havent got any tots but I guess one in 6 go's is pretty decent.
  • De nada.
  • Yeah its good to go. He is very similar to the Julian Brandt POTM card. I would recommend because it is a fairly cheap POTM sbc to do. I got nothing decent back from the packs.
  • I am down too, I think I am in a time zone vastly different from most of you all but if you Iron out some of the details as far as which days of the week\weekend works best I can try to participate as well.
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