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  • I got a kit :neutral:
    in !Ronaldo lul Comment by Ze Jay April 7
  • (Quote) As if... Just when I think this game can't get any more stressful! I'm 14-6 right now, If they're allowed and it's not a glitch or anything then I'm using some of mine to try get my highest ever finish :confounded:
  • (Image) I lost 4-3, they spent the whole game force feeding son who had a shooting boost card on Horrible way to lose my 9 game win streak :cry:
  • I've been using red cards in random sbc's so I'm pretty peeved that this has just came out. Done one I can as I only have enough to do the one as ive used loads in sbcs and got 90 VVD who'll go straight into a sbc as I have his POTM
  • Update: I'm currently on 1957 skill points after being at around 2300 before this divisions update, 4/10 serie a wins. I have never lost so many games in my life. I've not even got a bad team, if anything I've got a great team but I just keep losing…
  • (Quote) I'm currently on a 9 games losing streak, I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out at the goals I keep conceeding
  • Done 2 now and got Nedved twice :rage: put one into a 100k pack and got Kramaric and Kagawa :cry:
  • Nedved, the disappointment is unreal as he can't even fit in my team :cry:
  • Walker, Ronaldo and DDG are the only tradable cards. They all start on 10 chem. (Image) I was heart broken when Sevilla got knocked out of the Europa league :cry:
  • I use the time after a goal to have a sip of a drink, reply to a text or just chill for a second. The only time I think somebody is being arrogant is when they run around shushing as long as they can before the replay starts.
  • (Quote) No, my opponent was counter attacking me from a corner so I'm literally baffled as to what it was given for. Annoyingly I didn't catch the build up on the recording, all I managed to catch was the reaction and the replay. I waited for the …
  • Finally got my first red card over 86 rated, trust it to be VVD when I have his POTM card :angry: I've gotten gold 2 almost every week since the game came out and Giminez and Niangolan were my joint highest reds at 86 until today. Packs where just…
  • Scored this in fut champs, may aswell put it here and let you guys have a say :smiley: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dky-x-jay/video/70646789
  • I had his prime a while ago and really liked him, used him for around 70 games woth around 100 goals before selling him as I wanted to do the POTM VVD He's not a player anybody could just pick up and immediately be like "he's amazing", yo…
  • Rare mega pack when I literally play daily as I play all squad battles games and come on to do sbcs. Didn't even get a board in the pack either
  • I literally can't get assists with any informs, I was using Benzema and he got 1 assist in 8 games, sold him and got Payet and Thauvin and only have 3 assists in 8 between them. The daft thing is all 3 shared between Payet and Thauvin came from the …
  • I only tend to do it if my opponents done it to me first. A game this weekend league I was 2-1 down and my opponent started shielding in the corners from around the 70th minute, I got the ball and scored to make it 2-2, around the 85th I managed to…
  • Gold 2 (Image) One of my better ever choices, I usually end up with the unusable cards. OTW Piątek from one of the mega packs, no boards in the other 2 so if he wasn't a special card I'd have gotten no boards at all lol
  • (Quote) He's really good for me, before the shooting patch his finess shots were unreal. He's passing is very consistent and crossing for the most part is on point. He's on my corners aswell as his set peice stats are really good. I'd definatly re…
  • (Image) I switch the front 3 around at kickoff, CR7 striker, Cruyff CAM, Ben Yedder LAM and Hagi RAM. Cruyff has played 30 games now and he's such a game changer at cam, the first 5 games after I packed him I played the team exactly how it is in th…
  • My friend got Maldini and Vieira and insisted I did 1, had to use my Eoe Cech, FB Casillas and 89 red sterling but think it paid off, glad I can't afford another :lol: (Image) Edit: I don't know why it's upside down but I'm keeping it :D
  • I'm really tempted to try one especially after my friend did 2 and got Maldini and Vieira but i know for a fact I'll get one of the duds like Nakata or Inzaghi :s I'd also have nothing left if I do 1 as I'm literally sat on 70k and I'd be relying …
  • (Image) De gea, Sandro and Walker are the only tradable cards, I plan to sell Sandro and De Gea once I have enough for cr7
  • (Quote) I wish it was just that but I've not had a single game tonight where I've had more possession and I don't think I've had a game where I've had anywhere near as many shots as my opponent. I'm getting destroyed by ever team I face :cry:
  • I believe I've also gotten the wrong pack, I've played pretty much daily but got the tier 4 reward, my friend who's been on holiday for 2 weeks twice since the release got tier 5 82 Bartra as the highest card in the mega pack is always a disappoint…
  • Lowest: Kyle Walker (84) Highest: Prime Hagi/De Gea (91)
  • For me I have very fond memories of the 91 record breaker Messi back on fifa 13, he was a god. If I had to pick another it would be Davor suker from fifa 14. Was one of my idols and he didn't disappoint me in game either.
  • G2: Giminez and Quagliarella Not 1 board in the packs for the second week in a row
  • Flashback Pedro, I use him as I've sold practically every tradable card I have in the hopes to get cr7. I'm 600k short :cry: One game he's amazing on the wing doing wonders and he's bagged a few hattricks but thats literally like 1 in 5 games. The …

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