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  • For those of you wondering who I got once I did the correct sbc here you go... (Image) Couldn't write this **** :(
  • I thought I'd try my luck at live chat to see what thay say, basically got told in a polite way "tough s***" :neutral: The person I was talking to even ended the chat whilst I was typing :rage:
  • My friend managed to complete it a second time as it's showed up as a new sbc for him and got the gk. I'm stuck with a duplicate untradable rudiger I don't want to discard encase they just end up changing him :s
  • It wouldn't suprise me if they just release the sbc again to be honest. The frustrating thing is I forgot to use the duplicates I had waiting in unassigned so I just discarded them to open the pack :neutral:
  • Rudiger... I literally came on the forums to see if it happened to anybody else and I see it has, typical EA :lol:
  • (Image) I went 17-5 the weekend just gone, I wish I had played more however I simply ran out of time :s
  • 1: Ederson in my guarenteed prem pack, if i was to count red picks it would be 3 Ederson's as he popped up in both my red picks but fortunately so did Sterling and Silva so I obviously took them
  • (Quote) The only other thing I can think of doing is selling Robertson and cr7 then using the coins to get aguero then I can use rice and digne but it'll be hard to let go of cr7 :s
  • (Image) I was hoping for a striker but I can't complain, may have to rework my whole team for them to fit mind you.
  • I was really hoping for a striker but I can't complain with sterling and silva
    in RED TOTS PICKS Comment by Ze Jay May 23
  • Brazil GK Ederson.... I have Alisson in my team already so now I'm in a dilemma
  • (Quote) I completly forgot about Salah's b'day card, I may copy you with that idea :smiley:
  • (Quote) Ronaldo is currently the only tradable card in that team sadly, I've used Hagi for 1285 games, he has 490 goals and 815 assists. Not bad seen as I did the group sbc he was in for about 40k as I packed untradable 85 pires from rewards right…
  • Thoughts on this? I've listed my TOTY De Gea which has been a long time coming to be fair, with the 700k I'll get for him after tax I'll have just under 1.1m to buy the players needed. (Image)
  • I had 46 packed saved including 7 100k packs and 4 ultimate packs, I got no tots cards, 3 informs (82x2 and 77), wheeler, iniesta, verratti, perisic, matuidi, riberyx2, kompany and 16 ex tots players, wasn't impressed...
    in 70 saved packs Comment by Ze Jay May 18
  • (Image) Ronaldo and De Gea are the only tradable cards in the team, not really sure how else I can improve the team apart from upgrading Sandro P.s. everybody starts on 10 chem apart from nedved who's on 7
  • (Quote) Ah thanks :) I was worried I'd have to buy a player for abit lol
  • I only played 2 wl games on Friday due to servers going down, I was away yesterday and I swear if the servers are down when I finish work tonight I'm just giving up on the game. Feels like the servers are down more than they're up recently
  • I completly forgot there is a loan sbc :D I'll give him a try over weekend league I think lol o:)
  • Zanetti, instantly into a 100k pack and got 3 walk outs so I can't really complain I guess lol
  • (Quote) At the time I never realised how incredible the OTW was compared to the base card. It's only after I sold him and started using the base card again did I realise the massive difference :(
  • I just sold my otw Ronaldo after finishing my weekend league games. He's really good but I can't say he's definatly going to make a difference being honest. I had normal Ronaldo for exactly 500 games then sold him to get the otw. I bought him thr da…
  • My Ronaldo has just bugged on me, went to play my first wl game and this happened (Image) (Image) I thought maybe they've just upgraded him so I backed out of ultimate team and back on and I'm still getting this. If I try add a consumable o get …
  • (Quote) Fair point, I've never had a otw card before so I'm unsure on how long they take to update. His price is slowly coming down as people appear to be undercutting eachother more as time goes on as I assume like me they're starting to think he w…
  • I'm not 100% convinced as when there's a new totw there is a message saying dynamic cards may take a few hours to be updated but there's no message stating this when you see the screen on load up. I've spent days selling everything to get him and i…
  • (Quote) @Muttee they've both untradable and have been very good for me. In game I obviously switch my players round, cr7 ST, nedved LAM, Cruyff CAM and Hagi RAM. (Image) I've sold de gea but Ronaldo won't sell and his otw card has gone up abit so…
  • Hagi joins the club :sunglasses: (Image)
    in 1000 CLUB Comment by Ze Jay April 13
  • I'm torn between costa or the icon. I already have 4 icons and I use them all so unless I get a really good one they won't get into my team. I suppose if I got a bad icon it could go towards a 100k pack but I imagine pack weight will be super low a…
  • You guys are going to look at my team and ask how I'm only getting gold 3 but I'm an average player with a super team. (Cr7, De Gea and Aurier the only tradable cards) I change to this at kick off and if at half time I've not created anything I swit…

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