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  • This is absolutely game breaking for me, one of the most egregious bugs in over 20 years of FIFA game play as a CM die hard. Even for EA I am amazed they are able to destroy something so simple but is so visible and unaddressed in multiple patches. Locked down for almost a month already and haven't been able to bring…
    in Undefined Comment by Zaqattaq April 2020
  • Moreover it's absurd we cannot retain the likeness of an existing manager when selecting a club in career mode.
  • It is December and cannot start an EPL CM with faces advertised in the summer, the absolute state of EA
  • Anyone know if this will fix the issue with hundreds of players now having generic boots? Don't want to start a new CM with this, better be fixed for new headscan update
  • Yea it's pathetic. The latest update also said they updated lots of 2D player portraits but just checked and Ribery is a Bayern headshot. Meanwhile Felix was literally used in EA's marketing videos to sell the broken game over the summer, is the most promising young player on earth and still has the same fake face as last…
  • Yea but if I want to continue the CM I already spent a lot of time on I'm ok with using two save slots to protect against only Rest of World Teams winning UCL/UEL, but if the error occurs with more teams winning then there is not point in going on.
  • Can anyone confirm if no Europe after season 3 is only if a ROW team wins the year before? Seems odd that so many people were experiencing this when a ROW team winning UCL/UEL should be rare even in something as broken as FIFA20. I really want to continue with the CM I already spent a lot of time on but if there is no…
  • It's random. If you want Zlatan you should transfer him to your club before starting CM as he is highly likely to retire at his age.
  • It's a shame 2K Sports cannot enter the market, their NBA product wipes the floor with EA's. They also allow for a high level of user generated content and customization. I think the licenses throughout many countries need for a world football games limits the potential for a new entrant.
  • I love how EA won't even provide comments or updates here any more @EA_Andy. Shame on all of you
  • I will never pre-order from them again, have bought the game every year since 1998. @EA_Andy EA couldn't care less about loyal CM customers because we are not net new revenue. We need to keep the pressure up on them and hope YouTubers and the media do as well because systematic changes are needed. Do not know any other…
  • @EA_Andy is it not your job to AT LEAST update customers on when you are going to fix a broken product they paid a lot of money for?
  • Is what I'm reading serious? Squad updates in FIFA 20 re-set all stadium assignments like old days? @EA_Andy can you have a bigger ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you to loyal Career Mode CUSTOMERS
  • Are there any links to said big changes to CM in 21? I don't believe anything from EA now after the pitch notes.
  • It's the same ❤️❤️❤️❤️ generic stadiums as the last decade with major licensed stadiums removed. EA doesn't care about Career Mode and things that would set it apart like a few more generics. Feels great to spend top dollar for EA Access to spend 5 hours manually renaming and assigning hundreds of clubs crappy generic…
  • This is great "the whole situation is gross" is spot on. We need to hold EA accountable.
  • Please reference the pitch notes released by @EA_Andy on these forums. They are blatant lies and false advertising. Hold EA accountable!
    in ASA Comment by Zaqattaq September 2019
  • Here are the lies spread by @EA_Andy to steal our money
  • The following are blatant lies , but you already stole our money so why should you care: * Improved distribution of ethnicity within a country when generating youth players. * Significantly increased the initial amounts for wage budget allocation. (previous play boost was not available to EA Early Access) * Improved the…
  • Look at the number of comments under FUT in the forum and then look at the number of comments under FIFA 20 (i.e. CM and gameplay). We are outnumbered by zoomers spending their parents money on fake gambling on FUT or whatever the hell it is. I have been buying FIFA and making it a large part of my life for over 20 years…
  • Latest below. While I don't trust EA and they disappoint frequently I am astonished they allowed this to get to "launch day" without providing us any real update and an actual fix will not be coming any time soon. Great irony in the patch needing to be "tested." @EACoreySA 1h1 hour ago Being that Career Mode is…
  • Can you please comment if AI starting XI patch will apply to existing CM saves?
  • Yep, Red Bull Leipzig are getting relegated in my Wolfsburg career mode, Bayern and Dortmund play no bodies. I did early access this year to get assigning all of the stadiums out of the way - every year the same cumbersome process for the same 20 or so generic stadiums. Even things like updating the score boards in ground…
  • Weren't available in EA Access trial version
  • Does anyone know if when this issue is patched, that change will apply to an existing career mode? Already spent 10 trial hours setting up a CM and editing everything with the failed editing menus and same generic stadiums as years ago
  • Been running it on PS4 Pro and my LG 4K TV for the last few days and it actually looks incredible. Very pleased that they have finally achieved the graphics I have been dreaming about for years. Now its time to actually give us a proper update of real stadiums and add to the generic stadiums that have been recycled for…
  • Has anyone figured out if you are asked to play a player 50% of matches you can pass if it is only in the league?
  • Yep it is ridiculous, it doesn't appear the "Official La Liga Santander" license has added anything to the game. If anything, the authenticity of La Liga is less this year with the removal of Camp Nou and some generic stadiums. At the very least the La Liga scoreboards should be provided in a second update. Why major…
  • This is ridiculous and needs to be patched. Unfortunately it is not included in the first update. It is really time for Franchise/Chairman mode. Honestly I think the new manager goals make CM even worse because it adds a lot of insecurity and higher risk of getting fired in a CM you spend so much time on. Sure include the…

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