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  • You still play this broken game created by criminals who preys on small childrens wallets?
  • You're the one acting like a kid on numerous occasions...Don't you have anything better to do than trying to mock people. It fails every time though, since your repeatedly have acted pretty unsophisticated and condescending. Grow up before you call others kids.
  • And you cant prove otherwise either bro, so calm your ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  • Close this tread. Its not FIFA related.
    in Ps5 HYPE Comment by Yoesi June 2020
  • Have you been watching Auziomf`s player reviews? Left, right and center. The guys says it every video he posts ;P
  • Boras Legend wasnt that amazed by Yedder. He rated FB Mbappe higher
  • So many pompous people in here. He is not asking whether or not he should pick a player based on their real life achievements is he? And bet he coulndt care less about your opinion on that matter. Give him a straight answer or leave it be...Especially, there is no rereason to judge a guy if he picks based on their in game…
  • If you`re not such a big fan of his so called "rants" why bother to even participate in this post? Just let the guy blow out some steam with out people being condescending. It`s not mandatory you know...
  • For me di maria has smoother movements than totssf Atal. Even though atal has 5wf he is not clinical with either foot
  • Salvio and Di maria...Big L
    in Reds You Got Comment by Yoesi June 2020
  • Promes has less strength in game than FS James. He gets pushed of the ball soooooo much it would bug the hell out of you.
  • Just love when the wing has an open side to get a through ball, but just stands there. Then you get a genius thought to press L1, but yet he stands oblivious to everything going on the field. You come to a point where you say to yourself "I just have to explore other options" , so you turn away trying to find another…
  • This is just fictive nonsense that doesnt help you at all. It`s just something they do so that the customers/community gets thrown of the fact that they are the ones that are responsible for your issues.
  • The drop rates in general yes. But there is also highly plausible that they have a fixed drop rate per account, I think we are put into different groupings based on how many logins we have, what our team value is etc. All the casuals out there that I have contact with have much better pack weight then I do. It`s not a…
  • EA dont have the server capacity to have this wast amount of players. It should be law that state that a developer of a game should buy servers with the capacity to give all players online a good connection/gameplay. If they then chose not to they should be limited to selling just the amount of copies that the servers have…
  • Seems that you cant press as aggressively as before. The skill gap has become even smaller after the latest patches. 0 reward for manual defending. Switch from player to player, put a little pressure then try to cut a passing lane if you manage. Tackling with circle should be your last option. Standing tackle has been…
  • Its as radioshaq says, by skill rating and location. WL on the other hand is another subject. After TOTSSF got released they have rebuild the match making in such a way that when you hit gold 2 you only get matched up against Elite players. Since the rewards in Elite 3 above are so good they want to limit the amount of…
  • Its not the caliber of players dude, its the match making that has changed. As soon as you hit gold 2 you are matched up against Elite 3-1 for the rest of your games. I send my opponents as message and those who answered where all Elite after I reached gold 2. Went from 17-5 to 17-13 this WL
  • There is reason for it bro...we all now it, but you shouldnt dare to talk about it..
  • ASM 10 times better...Played both and its like comparing a rock to a gazelle.
  • 16-4. Not going to reach Elite 3 this weekend.....The weekend I wanted Elite 3 and actually planed to play 30 games... EDIT: 16-8 TY EA! Lost 4 games in 85-90min. Just bounces to the opponent. Trying to make a simple simple pass or clearance and it magically just falls straight into an opponent clear on goal.....This is…
  • I actually got Suarez. First good pull in well about 5 months. Kind of boring this late in the game. All have meta teams either way and I dont like 3star skillers. Think Ive done about 5 of them.
  • I played Richa last WL. To clunky in bad gameplay, way to clunky. Id buy him if he went for 200k, not more. His balance feels more like in the 70`s to.
  • What can we do when they ignore us no matter what we say? Timmy going to play no matter what. Timmy going to keep continuing to open packs after packs. EA don`t reach out a helping hand, they reach of a flat hand to slap us in the face when we hope for good gameplay or they reach out their hand to dig into little kids…
  • The only thing I can define it as is justified criticism.
  • + Only time EA Roger reaches out his hand is to slap us in the face when some1 lashes out and curses in the heat of the moment or if you talk about it being a rigged game. Well everyone knows the answer to that last subject. There is a reason why all streamers out there have been calling out EA lately.
  • Zaha and Grimaldo. Meh
  • Who cares to listen to those little cry babies nagging about others relegating themselves....I sure don`t.
  • My cr7 went into an sbc just recently. Dont regret it one bit :)
    in CR7 meh Comment by Yoesi April 2020
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