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  • It's been like that since I got my PS5 a month ago. It's absolutely horrendous. So much so this is my worse ever and last WL. Offline is so slick but second you go online It's horrendous. And the majority of my wins I can tell my opponent is having same issues but worse. I'm gold all the time on PS4, some weeks with 5 or 6…
  • I went from prime owen to mid torres and even on a lower rating he felt so much better and 4 Star skills to help make some space at times that pwen couldn't do.
  • I accumulate alot of fodder like sat on 25 TOTWs. Completed it all for free. Mixed if a win or not. Took prime Beckham over mid zola/cole
  • One nation yes. But dont the one leagues need 10 games with goals but only 6 wins. So that's 4 games you have the play till end even with golden goal. Plus casuals may only play this mode.
  • Had that much fodder could do it for free to free up space to re grind. Packed prime Desaily.
  • Just play to enjoy. WL doesn't matter on your team you will finish the same spot. Last year was first fifa in 20 years I didn't buy. Only came back as Xmas savings was lowest I've ever seen which probably says it all. I'm rocking a novelty team and still getting same WL results as I did for 3 years with a massive team.…
  • Ronaldo and mahrez. First time ever packed him and its the year I'm rocking a Liverpool XI
  • I know that feeling, ironically I've packed most my team doing BPM and only have three players now I can sell. Owen gets pushed off too easily so benched for Torres. But ironically I finish around same place in WL as I did with great squads in past fifa. And less stress due to lower expectations in team
  • Nice idea, I'm doing the same with liverpool. Got torres, Owen and Barnes blended in with the current starting 11. Its definitely more fun than chasing the meta.
  • BPM means you will have the majority of the teams, and just need to buy a couple. Also usually when just one or two teams needed it's easily worth over paying as you finish off leage and then can re do alot of the teams without buying anyone. I could do 14 prem teams once I get this last wba player. Also cadiz defenders…
  • I bronze pack and pick up a few using that method. However recommend waiting for mass pack opening. I needed 3 to complete this week and did it Thursday morning. Next best time may be SB rewards tonigt
  • I would say it is. I bought the game boxing day as reduced that much. Just been having fun so will only play with a Liverpool 11 and already have Barnes and Owen via sbcs with players I've packed doing bronze pack method. Sat on 2k players in that short space of time.
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